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本篇论文代写价格-亚马逊公司的营销策略讲了亚马逊公司是一家电子商务公司,是一家始建于1994年的云计算公司(Judson et al., 2006)。该公司最初由杰夫·博佐斯创建。该公司是一家在线书店,后来多元化的产品范围包括一些零售项目。随后,他们还推出了一些消费电子产品(Mital et al., 2014)。该公司也是最大的云基础设施服务提供商之一。亚马逊echo dot是该公司向市场推出的独特产品之一。该产品最初投放市场时被认为是独一无二的。本篇论文代写价格文章由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

The company is an electronic e-commerce company and it is a cloud computing company that was originally founded in 1994 (Judson et al., 2006). The company was originally founded by Jeff Bozos. The company was an online book store and later diversified the product range encompassing a number of retail items. Subsequently they also introduced a number of consumer electronic items (Mital et al., 2014). The company is also one of the largest producers of cloud infrastructure services. One of the unique products that this company has launched into the market was Amazon echo dot. The product was found to be one of a kind when it was initially launched into the markets.


Amazon Echo has gained prominence in the markets. Initially the company were also testing other products such as the fire phone during this stage. The issue that the company faced was to identify the exacting requirements of the consumers. This was an arduous task. The people wanted a product with much more enhanced functionalities or product that had their special requirement. The company faced the issues of the notions of the product being very nebulous. There was not really one concept that it wanted to probe. The multi-functional product was issues of contention that the company wanted to develop. After the company rolled out the Amazon echo the Amazon echo dot was released into the market. It was originally assumed that the sales of the product will be minimal (Ward and Sobek II, 2014). The company wanted to ensure that they maintain the consumer base and have continually rolled out subsequent variation. There are a number of varieties that the companies have rolled out. The company was a pioneering company that has managed to develop a brand image. Echo was a product that captured the niche consumer base. It was owing to this the company is able to compete with the Google Home and performing better than the competitors. The structured product development has been found to have five phases that are embedded in the design. The company is found to work in stages to develop a product that the people prefer. The first stage if the development of idea, next stage is conceiving of the conception, the company needs to then develop the plausible return of investment, develop the product according to the market requirements and finally launching the product into the markets. The company needs to ensure that there is further verification of the results with the consumer groups. The company then tries to assess the product development process with the different customer groups. This is done to ensure that there is a reduction of the developmental costs. The five main stages of the new product development process are identification of opportunities, generation of the concept, evaluation of the ideas, development of the product and the actual commercial launch of the product into the market. Amazon Company has utilized this formula to create the Echo Dot product. These were explored in detail. The Amazon Company initially launched the product to the Prime consumers and it was subsequently released into the markets. It has managed to gain consumer reviews that are positive. The sales figure of the companies has also been found to be positive. This has become one of the successful ventures that were launched by Amazon.