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当我们谈到供应链时,它指的是不仅生产汽车,而且在全球销售汽车的所有过程。在接下来的讨论中,主要关注的是一家汽车公司,其利益相关者与供应链及其管理相关(Zhang, Zhang, Yi, & Wang, 2014)。汽车公司的不同利益相关者包括经销商、客户、制造商、非政府组织和政府。下面讨论中选择的视角是从经销商的角度出发,以及汽车公司的经销商如何看待供应链以及与供应链相关的问题(Plunkett, 2011)。


学习如何处理经销店所在地区的人口统计。经销商要扮演双重角色,因为他们不仅要考虑社会需求,还要考虑公司给出的指导方针(Camarinha-Matos, Afsarmanesh和Erbe, n.d。)




经销商必须关注客户和公司,因为他是汽车在市场和人之间传递的模式,他是直接从他们那里得到反馈的人(Blanchard, 2013)。

因此可以说经销商实际上是供应链的重要组成部分。它不仅是一个基本单元,也是公司的汽车发送给消费者的模式之一(McCormack, Johnson, & Walker, 2003)。这也强调了经销商的根本重要性。


Every company works on the basis of the respective chains that it follows and there are a number of issues related to the various chains, too. The chain that has been taken up for further discussion is that of a car company. The supply chain and the various issues related to it have been discussed further along with the role of a specific stakeholder, which is the dealer (Success and failure in the UK car maunfacturing industry, 2007).
When one is talking about the supply chain, it refers to all the processes which are involved in not only producing the cars but also distributing it over the globe. The main focus has been laid on a car company in the following discussion directed at its set of stakeholders who are related to supply chain and its management (Zhang, Zhang, Yi, & Wang, 2014). The different stakeholders present in a car company are- Dealers, customers, manufacturer, NGO, Government. The perspective which has been chosen in the following discussion is from the point of view of a dealer and how the dealer in the car company looks at the supply chain and the issues related to the supply chain (Plunkett, 2011).
When the role of a dealer in a supply chain is discussed, it automatically covers all the issues faced in a supply chain by him. Like it has been already mentioned before, from looking after the needs and the wants of the customers, to fulfilling the details and the requirements of the companies, the dealer has a vast role. Also because the role has such a wide spectrum, there are a number of environmental and social challenges that the dealer has to face. Some of the major challenges faced by the dealer of the car company are-
Learning how to deal with the demography of the area where the dealership outlet is located. The dealers have a dual role to play because not only do they have to keep in mind the social needs, but also the guidelines given by the companies (Camarinha-Matos, Afsarmanesh and Erbe, n.d.).
Irrespective of the guidelines of the company, the dealer has to make sure that the customers are not socially offended by the advertisements of the products or by a certain kind of display of it.
Managing the environmental outlet along with the company’s guidelines is also a major task for the dealer.
Dealers have to deal with the customers and other retailer’s outburst when the company makes changes in the supply of the products or changes the prices of the products and this is also a major task for the dealer.
The dealer has to focus on the customer as well as the company because he is the mode through which the car is sent out in the market and the people, and he is the one who directly receives the feedback from them (Blanchard, 2013).
Thus it can be said that dealer is actually a major part of the supply chain. It not only is a fundamental unit but is also one of the modes in which the car from the company is sent to the consumer (McCormack, Johnson, & Walker, 2003). This is also emphasizes on the fundamental importance of the dealer.