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本篇澳洲传播学论文代写-组织的运营管理讲了组织的运营管理必须是有效的,组织才能取得成功。恰当的运营管理将确保公司能够有效地管理其运营,以满足对其产品产生的需求(Sethi et al., 1998)。运营管理也使组织处于更具竞争力的模式。在这方面,本工作旨在评估和分析帮助Bose取得成功的业务管理。本篇澳洲传播学论文代写文章由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Operations management of an organization must be effective for the organization to achieve success. A proper operations management will ensure that the company can effectively manage its operations to meet the demands that are generated for their products (Sethi et al., 1998). Operations management also puts the organization in a more competitive mode. In this context, this work seeks to assess and analyse the operations management of Bose that has helped it be successful.

Bose is a company built as an operating model for a company that aimed to improve sound by research works. Now it is popular worldwide as a high-end electronics manufacturing company that is seen to make products for travellers, the NASA, for automobiles, homes and more. Some of their technologies such as the noise cancelling headphones are very significant in both home use and the music industry. In a similar way, there are other cutting edge technology applications such as the seats for truckers, audio use products in automobiles, etc. (James, 2015). Criticisms are being mounted on the price charged by the company, and the form of hardware that is used by the company. It still remains an undeniable fact that in terms of technology, Bose gives the best products. Bose had delivered customer experiences in sound quality that remains one of the most popular in the industry. It is for these very reasons that customers who buy the products once end up making repeat purchases. Some of the products are applauded for their light weight design and some for their functional uses. These are not available in other products (James, 2015). There has been effective consumer targeting, but more than that, Bose has never failed to acquiesce to constructive criticism where possible. The operational management of the company grew with further internationalizations. This report would assess the operations management used at Bose with respect to its long-term goals, and its current achievements. Based on the analysis, recommendations for the improvement of Bose are presented in the conclusion section. The first section discusses the operational management issues that the firm has faced, the issues and its improvement over the years. The second section of the paper is about how the firm has organized its process management over the years. The third part of the report is about how the firm has managed to leverage into lean operations and how it has improvised on lean manufacturing for the company. The final part of the report discusses capacity management and the concluding section presents recommendations for Bose for the future.