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There is a growing health consciousness among the consumers of UK regarding their healthy lifestyle. Their demands for healthier food have put pressures on the makers of packaged food and drink in offering healthier products. The biggest sector in manufacturing in UK is the food and drink industry. This industry has a turnover of 76 billion GBP. In this industry, there have been 8,000 companies with total employment strength of 400,000 people.
The consumers of United Kingdom generally have preferences for trying out new products. There has been addition of average 8,500 new products in the market every year that mostly come from the five biggest retailers. However, the products other than these face discontinuation because of the reaction of the retailers to various demands from the customers. The customers’ change in the lifestyle and preferences presents fresh opportunities to the businesses of food and drink.
The trend emerging lately is that consumers are becoming more aware of their general well being and health related to what they eat. Therefore, it is a perfect opportunity for Happy Monkey to consolidate on the development of the products that are healthy and make them even healthier. The healthy products can even improve the brand image of the Happy Monkey, as the consumers are loyal to the packaged food and drink brands depend to a large extent on the healthiness of their products. This concern of the consumers depends to an extent on the concern towards the diabetes and obesity. Therefore, Happy Monkey, apart from offering 100 percent fruit based smoothies, can also try and offer low calorie options as their strategy for competitive advantage.
The familiarity of the consumers towards the new technology is enhanced in recent times. This has led to the consumers’ using digital marketing to market their products. In fact, the marketing mix of the food and drink industry has been altered because of the digital marketing. The already successful marketing strategies have demanded the insights of the consumers and the selection of the channels, as the shifting of the media landscape continues. The digital display enables the manufacturer to increase the product lines in suiting with the needs of various consumer groups.
The government and the lobbyists of the environment are putting pressure on the food and drink firms to be greener. There has been the destruction of forests, especially the rain forests, to find the raw materials for the food and drink companies. The response, in terms of the global issue, can be the addressing of recycling in the packaging. As the awareness towards the environment increases among the consumers, it provides perfect opportunities for the firms to position themselves as green to gain customer loyalty. Happy Monkey can be boasting of governmental credentials that are impressive. It includes their award winning packaging of Rainforest Alliance certified seal. These have been received warmly by the customers and the retailers alike. Moreover, the growing of all bananas is done in a sustainable way with respect to the environment by the usage of recyclable materials in the packaging.