Assignment First

澳洲大学申请文书写作方法:创建该网站的重要原因是为了使其美观,也展示了原始艺术家的才华。应用程序中考虑的设计元素包括图像的位置、缩略图的大小和形状以及字体的清晰表示。增强受众互动是本网站创作的主要应用。用于创建网页的软件是Adobe muse。这种偏好的原因是,不需要复杂的编码,整体的美学设计可以集中。

Adobe Muse登录页面实际上是一个模板,对于小型创意团队非常有用。在这里,他们有滚动效果和视差动画。提供了许多功能来提高网站的整体质量。由于本网站已经创建,所以很容易修改本网站的元素。在Adobe的登陆页面,可以确保主页图像的不透明度被调整。这就是为什么我更喜欢创建这个网站。



经过考虑,大家认为提出的所有要求都已完成。Adobe muse使网站的创建变得容易。要创建复杂的网站设计,同时确保网站有积极的受众参与,还需要学习更多的知识。关于网站的创建还有很多要学习的。这个网站是为大众而设的。为特定受众创建专门的网站,还需要做更多的研究和学习。

澳洲大学申请文书写作方法:Important reason for creating the website was to make it aesthetically pleasing and also showcase the talent of the original artist. Design elements that were considered in the application were the placement of the image, size, and shape of the thumbnails and clear presentation of the font. Enhancement of the audience interaction was the main application of this website creation. The software that has been used for the creation of the webpage is Adobe muse. The reason for this preference is that there is no need of intricate coding and the overall aesthetical design can be focussed.
Adobe Muse landing page is actually a template that is very useful for the small creative teams. In this, they have scroll effects and parallax animations. Many features are provided to improve the overall quality of the website. It is easy to modify the elements in this website owing to this website has been created. In the landing page of the Adobe, it was ensured that the homepage image opacity was adjusted. This was the reason for preferring to create the website.
In the home page of the website that was created, we had ensured that there was some preview of the portrait images. This is then set to the side of the website. The audience once moves near the size of the photograph bigger in appearance. The reason for preference of this kind of design is that it allows the image appear bigger and would make it more lucid. Contact is towards the end of each page. Reason for this kind of arrangement is to ensure that the audience have a chance to learn about the original creator of the site. There was contrasting colour change when the mouse pointer was moved near the Enter image there was colour change that was evident. Inside the website, there was a circular image in the website that was the show reel of the page. The main circle was found to change every few seconds and showcase the photos art of the designer.
Inside the gallery, there were again circular thumbnail images. Every time the people looked, they could easily change the images. There were two options provided for the user to continually change the images. There was discernible information about the photo and the creator that was mentioned. The audience can choose to not look into the information if they click on the image. Towards the end of the webpage, there was a “About me” section that provided the user information about me. A circle was again used to showcase the highlights of the image. There was a significant colour change from opacity to a translucent colour every time the user moved the pointer over the image.
On reflection, it was felt that all the requirements that were put forward were done. Adobe muse had enabled the ease in the creation of the site. There is a lot more learning that should be done in order to create complicated website designs while ensuring that there is active audience participation to the website. There is a lot more to learn about the creation of the website. This website was created for the general audience. For creation of specialized website for specific audience, more researches need to be done and learnt.