Assignment First

本篇澳洲代写被发现-航空公司面临的问题讲了不断上涨的燃料和劳动力成本可能导致这些公司面临问题。公司需要找到可行的方法来解决这些问题。减薪或减薪会使公司面临员工的强烈反对。面对这些与生俱来的威胁,航空公司试图保持一个利基消费者基础。在这种启发下,捷星公司将拥有较少的买家力量。本篇澳洲代写被发现文章由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

The increasing fuel and labour costs can lead the companies to face issues. The company need to find feasible ways to address these issues. The reducing of the wages or wage suppression would lead the companies to face backlash from the employees. To face these innate threats the airlines try to maintain a niche consumer base. In this heuristics Jetstar company will have lesser number buyer power.

Competition and Rivalry

The competition determines the prices of the services that are rendered to the people. Virgin Airlines, Tiger airways, Ethihad airlines, Cathay Pacific airlines are the airlines that are establishing presence in the markets. These companies are found to have more leverage in meeting the needs of the situation.

Threat of substitution

This is the services that enable the consumers to find other low-cost alternatives. This is very low for the aviation sector in general. The people who want to reach a destination at the earliest is made feasible only through airlines. Based on this paradigm, it has been determined that the substitution for these services are very low (NSW Business Chamber, 2011).

Threat of New Entry

This is the factor in which a new company can displace the existing companies. This would be a very difficult feat to achieve for a new company. For Jetstar company there is governmental support and also established infrastructure. The threat of newer entry is lower for the company. Based on this the airlines company can comprehend that this particular threat if very low for the company (NSW Business Chamber, 2011.