Assignment First

本篇澳洲代写-大众汽车道德问题讲了基本的假设是绝对清楚的,汽车行驶在道路上是自然排放有毒气体,这是无法呼吸的,并容易导致严重的疾病,如癌症和哮喘,这是生命的威胁。政府规定了一些汽车排放标准,这些标准被认为是合格的,并且在不构成威胁的范围内。然而,大众故意编写了一款软件来欺骗排放测试,并让他们的汽车获得当局的批准,以避免被发现。本篇澳洲代写文章由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

B. Identification of key facts and assumptions relevant to the VW ethical issue

The primary assumption is absolutely clear that automobile moving on roads are naturally emitting poisonous gases which are unbreathable and are prone to cause severe diseases such as cancer and asthma which are life threatening. The government has prescribed certain norms of emission through cars which are considered as eligible and within limits which are non-threatening. However, VW purposely made a software to cheat the emission test and get their cars approved from the authority to avoid getting caught. The action of VW was absolutely unethical and is sure to weaken the industry as a whole, as such actions would have its prime reason rooted in the excessive desire to win the competition at any cost.

Excess pollution is assumed to be bad for breathing and prone to cause premature deaths. This indicates that such cars roaming on the street disallow the right of living a full life to people who die prematurely due to breathing of polluted air coming out of VW cars.

Vaughan (2015) assumes that this action of VW has been estimated to cause 60 premature deaths from the emission of poisonous gases through VW cars, and by the time it recalls all cars, the death number may reach 130. It is ambiguous to consider these deaths as the sole cause of the VW scandal due to the impossibility of measuring the causes of death in diseases which are individual-dependent and could be rooted in several different causes. The question arises about the acceptance of responsibility of these deaths and the best remedial action to be taken at the earliest. Is VW completely responsible for these assumed deaths? It’s an ethical scenario but major public outcry and mass protests point the fingers at VW as they have enacted unethically and are responsible for the deaths caused due to pollution. The car industry as a whole has been producing cars and selling diesel cars worldwide which are always understood to create some kind of pollution everywhere, indicating that all automobile makers are in fact a part of the problem here. The solution to reduce pollution from cars has never been identified and searched for, as car ownership is seen as a major drive for economic progress and success of financial institutions who thrive on car loans. Thus, the government policies, the test methods, the limits prescribed, the buyers assumptions, marketing gimmicks used by car makers, and the various supporting aspects of the process are wholly or partially involved as a part of the problem and not alone VW. Calling VW as the only culprit would be wrong when the authorities had also not been competent enough to identify the defeat device, along with the overall societal assumption of car ownership, disregard of public transport, and government policies which are also responsible, though not equally.