Assignment First

本篇澳洲代写价格-社交媒体对印度社会的影响讲了和其他社会一样,印度社会已经习惯了手机和社交媒体。在印度,手机和社交媒体的使用正在迅速增长。尤其是这个国家的年轻人沉迷于新媒体,并广泛地将社交媒体用于各种目的。这篇文章的主要论点是,印度年轻人使用社交媒体是出于建设性的原因,还是他们滥用了这些设施。本篇澳洲代写价格文章由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

1. Proposal

To explore the impact of social media on the Indian society especially on the Indian youth

Research question

Are Indian youth using the social media for useful reasons?

Overview of the Essay

Like any other society, the Indian society is accustomed with the mobile phone and social media. In India, the uses of mobile and social media are rapidly growing. Especially the youths of this country are addicted to the new media and extensively use the social media for various purposes. The main argument of this essay is whether the Indian youths use the social media for constructive reasons or they misuse the facilities.

Scope of the easy

The essay has a huge scope as it provides knowledge about the changes in the Indian society because of the advent of technologies.


Social media has both positive and negative impact on youths as some use it in a constructive way whereas some use it in a negative way.