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最重要的修正案是,没有一个政府会强迫任何人接受任何特定的宗教,并且可以自由信仰他们选择的任何宗教。这是一个人的决定,追随任何宗教,并成为其中的一部分。宗教是不能强加于人的。此外,还增加了一些自由,如言论自由、新闻自由和集会自由。人民可以自愿参加任何俱乐部或政党。同样,他们也不需要和任何人讨论。除此之外,它还提供了请愿的自由。, & Wright, 2014)。另一项重要的法律是,每个州都有权拥有一支管理良好的军队,公民也有权拥有拥有武器的权利。这是一个很好的改变,因为保留武器可以确保人民的安全。另一项重要的修正案是保证美国人民在涉及财产超过20美元的民事案件中得到陪审团的审判。



Bill of rights may be the collective name give to the ten amendments which have been done in the constitution in the United States. However, some of these amendments are very important, others have less significance in comparison. The essay will discuss the most important amendments in the bill of rights. In addition to this, the argument of James Wilson on the bill of rights will be done.
The most important amendment was that none of the governments will force any person to accept any specific religion and would be free to follow any religion of their choice which they want to worship. It is the decision of a person to follow any religion and to be a part of the same. Religion is something that can’t be foisted on anyone. In addition to this, a few more liberties have been added such as the freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of assembly. The people can join any club or political parties at their own will. For the same, they will not have to discuss from anyone. In addition to this, it offers the freedom to petition (Barbour, C., & Wright, 2014). Another important law is that each and every state has the right to bear a well regulated military and the citizens should get the right to keep arms. This is a good change as keeping the arms can ensure safety for the people. Another important amendment is one which guarantees that the people of America will get the jury trial in civil case where the property involved is more than $20.
James Wilson argued that the congressional powers are something that are required to be collected not from the implications but from the expression of the positive grants. He states that everything that has been given is reserved. He said that the presence of the bill of rights, may state that one tries to throw every power in the hands of the general government which is not reserved by the people. Thus, he argued against the bill of rights.