Assignment First



研究的第二阶段将以初步研究为基础。我们将联系和调查古典音乐专业的学生,了解古典音乐对他们学习和记忆技能的影响。这将有助于获得第一手的信息,这对于更深入地理解古典音乐对学习和记忆的影响很重要(William Pryse-Phillips, 2003)。




The research is to be carried out in two phases. The first phase includes literature review which can help understand the benefits of classical music on learning and development. It can help build a strong understanding about the impact of classical music on learning based on the results of previously conducted research. It helps form strong empirical evidence and this does help form a foundation for logical reasoning in this research. The time period to complete the literature review aspect of this research is one month.
The second phase of the research is to be based on primary research. Students of classical music are to be contacted and surveyed about the impact that classical music has had on their learning and memorization skills. This would help obtain first hand information which is important for the purpose of building a stronger understanding of the impact of classical music on learning and memorization (William Pryse-Phillips, 2003).
The survey process is to be conducted using the online medium wherein students are contacted through music schools. An online survey would help obtain the details through a questionnaire. It would help ensure that information is authentic as well as based on the experiences of classical music students. In this way, the process, when carried out online, would be quick and effective.
It would take about 20 days to conduct the survey and 10 days to analyze the data collected. The expected outcomes of this research are that classical music does have positive impact on learning and memorization. It helps children and adults learn better along with developing of concentration skills and critical thinking (William Pryse-Phillips, 2003).