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本篇澳洲essay代写-造成气候变化的因素讲了人类活动无疑是气候变化的主要原因。气候变化的五个基本原因是:对化石燃料的依赖、森林砍伐、畜牧业的增加、化肥的使用和氟化气体的使用。中国变暖的最大来源是二氧化碳。这主要是因为发电厂和工业燃烧化石燃料。化石燃料燃烧产生二氧化碳。二氧化碳是温室效应的罪魁祸首,温室效应使地球温度升高,导致气候变化。本篇澳洲essay代写文章由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Factors responsible for Climate Change

Human activities certainly are the main cause for climate change. The five basic reasons for the change in climate are dependency on fossil fuel, deforestation, increasing in livestock farming, using of fertilizers and using of fluorinated gases.

The biggest source of warming in China is carbon dioxide. This is mainly because of the burning of the fossil fuel in power plants and industries. The fossil fuels burn to produce carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is responsible for the greenhouse effect which increases the temperature of earth resulting in climate change.

Apart from the above reduction in the forest cover also leads to increase in surface temperature. This will have same effect as that of burning of fossil fuels as the forest cover is important to regulate the carbon dioxide in atmosphere by consuming it.

It has been observed that the businesses have shifted from agriculture to domestication of animals such as cow and sheep (livestock farming). These animals produce methane on digestion (Pidcock, 2016). Methane also contributes to the climatic changes that are taking place. However apart from this other gases that have been considered to be contributing towards climate change are nitrogen and halogen compounds (fluorinated gases). The impact of these gases is much higher than the fossil fuels. These are mainly contributed by refrigerating and air conditioning units.

Lastly in order to increase the productivity to fulfil the requirements of increasing population, various methods have been employed. These include extensive use of fertilizers. As a result of this nitrogenous compounds enter the life cycle and affect the climatic conditions (Buckley, 2015). It is important to understand that although increase in temperature is the prime concern and reason for climate change, there is another factor that has to be considered i.e. aerosol. Some of the aerosols have strong cooling effect. This is quite harmful, especially in winter seasons.

The sectors that are associated with all these factors contribute to the climatic changes. However a closer look into these factors shows that all the sectors have contribution in changing of the climate.