Assignment First

本篇澳洲管理学论文代写-社交媒体营销讲了本研究论文的主要目的是对社交媒体营销的视角进行同行文献综述。这项研究的目的是评估社交媒体营销的概念及其在当今营销时代的重要性。目前,社交媒体已经被证明是一个动态的媒体,组织正在使用它来接触更大的客户,因此,不同的文章被用来收集二手数据,并对所选择的主题进行研究。本篇澳洲管理学论文代写文章由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

The primary objective of the research paper is to conduct a peer literature review on perspective of social media marketing. The reason behind this research endeavour is to assess the concept of social media marketing and its importance in the present era of marketing. Social media at present has turned out to be a dynamic medium that organizations are using to reach out to the larger customers hence, different articles referred for gathering secondary data and develop a research on the chosen topic.


The social media networking sites have become potential platform to reach prospect customer segments. The consumers could interact in the networking sites so as to gather details of products and services that they desire to purchase (Alves, Fernandes and Raposo, 2016). The social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook provide opportunity to the consumers and business organisations to implement two way communication platforms.

The social media sites have the potentiality to enhance business sales of the product by increasing their brand awareness. The social media marketing acts as sharing and creating platform for the marketers so as to provide branding and marketing goals. It includes posting updates, images, videos and other contents that drive attention of the consumers towards organisational products (Barutcu and Tomas, 2013). Social media marketing is used by all types of business organisations from small and medium to large organisations to promote their new products in the market place and assure their business sales.

Research Aim

The aim of the assignment would be to elaborate peer review on the topic perspective of social media marketing.