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本篇澳洲酒店管理论文代写-旅游业讲了旅游业在过去的几十年里得到了很大的发展。开发了许多不同的旅游景点,吸引了世界各地的游客。到处旅游的人都喜欢探索各种旅游景点。许多研究人员试图找出吸引游客前往特定旅游目的地的因素。了解吸引全球游客到特定旅游目的地的关键因素是很重要的。因此,了解旅游和旅游业的关键特征以及对旅游爱好者具有相当吸引力的旅游目的地的重要方面是很重要的。本篇澳洲酒店管理论文代写由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

The tourism industry has been grown massively in last few decades. A lot of various tourist destinations developed, which attract the tourist across the globe. The peoples who visit around love to explore various tourist destinations. Many researchers who are trying to identify the factors attract the tourists towards a particular tourist destination. It is important to know the key factors that appeal the global tourists to a specific tourist destination. Hence, it is important to understand the key features of the travel and tourism industry and the vital aspects of the tourism destinations that have considerable appeal to the tour lovers (Atherton & Atherton, 2011). In last few decades, Brazil is emerging as one of the most significant tourist destination. The colourful, multi-culture and multi-ethnic society of Brazil along with the exciting natural beauty of Brazil attracts the people all over the world. Besides this, Brazil is ecstasy for the soccer lover.

Description of the society

The society of Brazil is well blended of multi-culture and multi-ethnic. In the early 20th Century, the colonization took places in Brazil as so many people were from Portugal, Italy, Spain and Germany Arabia who came and settled in Brazil. They had made various colonies in Brazil. Hence, the Brazilian people can be categorized in different ethnic groups by their colour and ethnicity. Many people were white people consist of Portuguese, Italian, German, Arab and Japanese. In this place, African, Pardo and indigenous Brazilians also visited. Portuguese is one of the main languages in this country (Chauhan, 2013). The international reputation of this country is centred on its local traditions and its type of celebrations like Capoeira, national sports, the Carnival festivals. The people of Brazil are the most enthusiastic and energetic. They love celebrations. Hence, the carnival is one of the most popular in this country, and it attracts the tourist most. In addition, many such various regional festivals are famous, and the people enjoy these festivals. Apart from this, for the soccer lover, Brazil is considered as the paradise because here were many famous soccer players are from Brazil. The soccer is considered as the synonyms with Brazil, and it is celebrated here. The people are mad for the soccer, and at time of world cup of football, the people are busy in celebrating the victory of their national team.