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本篇澳洲靠谱代写-B面包房的业务流程讲了业务流程被定义为最终向客户端交付产品或服务的一组相关任务。它也被称为任务和活动的组合,在完成时,允许实现组织目标(Hecker et al., 2010)。在本部分的讨论中,重点将是基于所提供的案例研究描述B Baker的操作和业务流程。本篇澳洲靠谱代写文章由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Business process is defined as a set of related tasks for finally delivering a product or a service to the client. It is also referred as a combination of tasks and activities that on completion, allow the accomplishment of organizational goals (Hecker et al., 2010). In this part of the discussion, the focus will be on describing the operations and business processes of B Baker based on the case study provided.

Operations of a Baker

B Bakery is a company having family ownership employing 70 employees and earning sales revenue at least worth 13.5 million dollars. The business is running since the last 50 years while supplying confectionary products and bread to several businesses that include pub-chains and supermarkets. The bakery uses a number of baked products with a combination of great tastes, new concepts and traditional recipes for satisfying the customers, and even differentiating and catering themselves. The key objective is to deliver more than the basic elements of a bakery such as pastries and bread. The operational strategy of B Bakery is based on process and there is division of processes as per different types of production. The business is supported by talented human resource and managers for designing the effective line of production for the manufacturing of its famous supplies. Quality is highly standardized with decent efficiency and specific attempts for satisfying various diversified demands. There is utilization of layout with product oriented layout. There is organization of strategy across categories of similar low variety and high volume products.

SAGE 100 ERP includes a number of variations related to the AIS software. It is helpful in supporting a number of 50 active users for a number of financial and accounting activities, CRM services, distribution and manufacturing, web services, HR and business intelligence. The business processes of B Bakery include HR management, finance, accounting, marketing, sales, supply chain management and production unit process (Rani et al., 2014). The management authorities of supply chain concern on the purchases of raw materials from businesses such as flour supplier, fruit shop and poultry farm. These supplies are used in the process of production. After the complete production, the products are handed over to the logistics and inventory management departments for storage and delivery of orders across different clients. There is management of accounts considering supplier payments, management of payroll, accounting activities and other finance related processes. The authorities of HR management show concern with hiring, recruiting and training the employees to ensure maximum efficiency in the business processes. The department of sales focuses on taking orders and selling products by the exploration of prospective market platforms. The department of marketing shows concern with promoting the business organization. Each and every business process is highly dependent on one another. With one process influenced, it ends up hampering the entire business process (Hecker et al., 2010). The core business processes include accounts, human resource management, production and supply chain management. However, accounts is among the most significant business processes for any organization as it is indispensable working to fuel the entire business processes and their collaboration. The overall business scope of B Bakery has grown significantly since the past few years. However, in the current scenario, it has started to face major challenges in terms of accounting. There is a well-dedicated accounts team led by accounting experts to deal with the accounting management and bookkeeping of the bakery. The accounts department is not significantly helpful in competitive activities of decision making (Rani et al., 2014). Due to this reason, the organization ended up losing some of the significant accounts by failure in offering products with price competitively. It has been realized by the company that it requires more information smooth running since recent years. There can be collection of some information from the consideration of market research and business processes. As per these valuable information, B Bakery will have the ability of making better strategic directions while bringing in better success for the business.