Assignment First

由于全球化和先进技术的引进,人们对商业世界的看法发生了革命性的变化。全球化为商业组织提供了在全球范围内扩展业务的广泛机会。此外,先进的技术也有利于企业组织提高经营活动的效率。这些最新的技术支持提高业务活动的准确性和效率,减少活动的时间(Appannaiah和Reddy, 2010)。然而,同时这些因素又影响着市场。因此,市场竞争不可避免地加剧了。为了抓住商业前景和机会,所有的商业组织,无论一个全球性的组织,国内的组织和新进入者都在互相竞争。因此,为了生存和进一步发展,整个组织都在努力制定最有效的商业策略。在这个问题上,营销组合是一个有效的策略,帮助设计产品,价格,地点和促销计划的公司。在这种情况下,酒店业的发展是显而易见的。这份报告是关于酒店和旅游管理的。因此,布里斯班有两大酒店行业占主导地位:索菲特酒店和普尔曼酒店。本篇澳洲论文代写-布里斯班两大酒店的经营策略进行了分析,并对它们的策略进行了比较。

The Pullman hotel which is located in the heart of Brisbane is illustrating the contemporary 5-star hotel in Brisbane. It also offers the guests with a wide range of the luxury accommodation options. These luxury accommodations presented to guests are indicated in the form of providing the selection options which is lying between the 210, five-star luxury guestrooms and Mercury tower with 228, four-star hotel rooms. Since the venue is at the heart of the Brisbane, it is illustrating the most gorgeous feature for attracting the guests to their hotels. And also the growth of this business of Pullman can be easily illustrated. The hotel also is explained to be providing the conference facilities in Brisbane. It comprises of an impressive setting for hosting about 1000 delegates in the meeting hall. It can be able to present the delegates with the luxury services by facilitating them with the conference room facilities (Bowman and Gatignon, 2010). The hotel also comprises of other fruitful options which seem to be enable of holding of corporate meetings. The social events with celebrations can also be conducted in a luxurious way. This hotel represents the state of the art technology of traditional times which is boosting the hotel business.
The Sofitel in Brisbane is also positioned in one of the best locations in Brisbane which is being situated at the heart of the CBD and the multi-award winning. Therefore central is a hotel of refined Luxury. The personalized service and the enhancement of the business can be easily made. As being the five-star hotels in the Brisbane city, the hotel is portrayed to be renowned for its modern and the elegant ambiance services. The international cuisine facilities are given throughout the bars and the restaurants with 433 elegant rooms and suite accommodations (Brody, 2009). This simply is targeting the exclusive club lounge which is illustrated as the largest in the Queensland. The guests can enjoy the convenience direct access to the domestic and the international airports via the central station since the location is situated near the hotel. Thus the reflection on the Sofitel in Brisbane shows the French heritage. The traditions of the French are maintained in this hotel. The sophisticated art forms can be expressed by the help of the impeccable services which is also a part of this industry.

Both the hotels put great emphasis on their hotel products and implement effective product strategies to offer a great experience to the customers who need different types of rooms, facilities for meeting and conference, restaurant and bars, as well as additional facilities like pool and Wi-Fi, etc. The Pullman offer huge luxury rooms with all amenities for their guest in their hotel. There are several conferences and meeting rooms which are huge enough to accommodate a large group of people at a time. These conference rooms are equipped with the entire modern technologies such as telephone service, the internet and Wi-Fi (Square, 2017). Apart from this, the hotel has various types of restaurants and bar facilities to their customers, where they can get delicious food cuisine from Continental menus. Thus, it also gives good drinks, wines, etc. Besides this, the hotel also has a big pool with all facilities where the visitors can enjoy their leisure time. With all the amenities the hotel welcomes its guest from all across the world.