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本篇澳洲论文代写-电子商务对大型组织审计的影响讲了这种类型的组织主要依赖于Internet服务提供商和应用程序服务提供商以及第三方服务提供商来托管数据。组织可能需要与其电子商务活动相关的功能,如订单履行、货物交付、运营24*7个工作的呼叫中心,这些呼叫中心是免费服务提供商,有些是会计功能。当组织使用这类第三方服务时,审核员总是计算一定数量的风险,这些风险会导致政策偏离、程序遵循、记录维护,而这些可能与财务报表无关。本篇澳洲论文代写文章由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

This type of organization major depends on the Internet Service provider and application service provider and third party service provider for data hosting. The organization may require functions in relation to its e-commerce activities such as order fulfillment, delivery of goods, operation of 24*7 working call centers which are toll free service provider and some are accounting functions. When the organization uses such kind of third party services, auditors always count certain amount of risk which leads to policies deviation, procedure follow, record maintenance and that may be irrelevant to the financial statements.

The main factor over here is how the management attitude to risk is and how this risk may affect. Different organizations use different ways of working. They provide only information to organizations and its activities that can be easily accessed by third party such as investors, suppliers, customers, employees of the company and the financial providers. The motto of e-commerce industry is to spread the network not only in the urban location but at the rural level to gain access to new market which converts into new customer base by providing information and transaction processing via internet. Based on it e-commerce industry create an entirely new business launch module (Laudon and Laudon, 2010). The extent or the reach of the vast network at times can affect the nature of risk. Because such kind of process fails to record the book keeping management, reliability on data, audit evidence and audit documentation. In certain circumstances, auditor may decide to work with an expert who is integrated with the work on the other audit, and what procedures to be undertaken regarding risk identified through the work.