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本篇澳洲论文代写-国家文化政策讲了国家文化政策是每个国家制定广泛政策和文化目标愿景的重要因素。在澳大利亚,文化生活是一个自豪的方面,为未来的雄心壮志和过去的遗产的大陆。澳大利亚需要理解澳大利亚人口的参与所带来的价值,以包容外交政策、移民、宪法和社会层面的多样性目标(Homan, 2013)。这对保护土著文化特性和文化来说是进一步的关键。任何国家政策的成功与否都取决于其结构,以确保政策在公民、遗产、艺术和教育方面得到良好协调。本篇澳洲论文代写文章由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

A national cultural policy is an important element of every nation for setting the vision of broad policy and cultural objectives. In Australia, the life of culture is an aspect held proudly for the future ambitions and past heritage of the continent. Australia needs to understand the value delivered by the engagement of Australian population for embracing the dimensions of foreign policy, immigration, constitution and society in the goal of diversity (Homan, 2013). This is further crucial for the protection of indigenous cultural identity and culture. The success of any national policy has key dependence on its structure for ensuring that the policies are well coordinated across citizenship, heritage, arts and education.

Australia is currently on the verge of developing a national cultural policy, after the implementation of the first creative national policy since the year 1994 (Wreford, 2010). In such a scenario, there is no denial in the fact that the national cultural policy will be helpful in providing a comprehensive framework. This framework will be connecting each and every national priority and policy streamlined with the social and economic life of Australia.

Whether it be by the provision of value addition or by establishment of links, the policy will be crucial for recognizing the cultural elements of several industries for the purpose to drive growth in productivity and development of skills (Taras et al., 2012). In the absence of renewed policy for guiding and inspiring Australians, significant opportunities are being missed out in the skills and education of workforce. There is a significant need to enable the culture in connection with the entire world. The aim of this essay is to determine if Australia is in need of a national cultural policy or not.