Assignment First

吉尔最初和公司的问题是工资。它需要给员工更多的机会在公司赚更多的钱。该计划针对每位员工的发展和职业发展。这是一个可取的因素。该计划没有处理分配给资源管理的人员数量。这是公司成长所需要的,也是协调员工需求的好方法。然而,预算限制和现有的财政资源阻碍了这一进程(Gruening, 2001)。因此,制定的计划满足了员工的一些基本需求。这个计划有其局限性,它是根据围绕公司的资源可用性和主观需求来制定的。接下来有关澳洲论文代写-吉尔公司资源的可用性分析 如下:

Some of the issues that the company needs to address are that
Create a safer working environment. Workers such as Sally must not be forced to lift heavy weight. The issues of safety and security of the workers need to be addressed. This is the major issue of the company.
The fiduciary duties of care for the employees regarding their safety are not addressed by the company.
The working hours that are expected from the employees are not reasonable. They are expected to work longer hours and shifts. This needs to be tackled by the company.
The company needed to have more safety training in place and address the brewing conflict that existed in the company.
Jill was not provided leave on her request. This is violation of the employment laws.
There is a lack of provision of providing information and adequate supervision. This is seen in the case where Sally was essentially left along to address all the requirement of the job.
No good faith efforts were done by the management to alleviate the concerns of the people.
The health of the workers needs to be monitored. This is overlooked by the company currently.
There was no employment agreement drawn and the terms of the employment were not clear to the people.

Freshmart uses the assistance of employee assistance programs. These are free and confidential support that is provided to the employees. The counselling could range for a wide array of activities. These confidential and some of the free support programs is needed to enable the people to be more motivated (Pizam and Mansfeld, 1999).
A better leave policy that adheres to the government requirement needs to be developed.
More resources need to be allocated to ensure that the management provides the people with the adequate requirements to ensure that the work is completed.
Section 65 of the law mandates employment agreement. The terms of the employment need to be clear (Cane & Tushnet, 2005). This lack of employment agreement must not occur in the future.