Assignment First

本篇澳洲论文代写-绩效管理系统讲了目前,Luxcar的员工将绩效考核中的沟通视为一种压力。他们认为过多的涉及他们的管理层和同行的评论是不必要的,是在浪费他们的时间。现在,如果组织以一种积极的方式呈现沟通方面,那么员工就会更容易接受新的绩效管理系统。本篇澳洲论文代写文章由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Communication Organization

The organization should be made into an open active and communication focused one (Buchner, 2007). At present, the employees of Luxcar perceive communication during performance reviews as a form of pressure. They assume that one too many reviews, involving their management and their peers are unnecessary and that it is a waste of their time. Now if the organization presented the communication aspects in a positive way, then employees could be more receptive of the newer performance management system. Communication is important for the organization, and it is necessary for the organization to hence become an active communicating organization. Participation of employee in goal setting, participation in performance reviews, and feedbacks must be strongly encouraged not just as a process but as a culture of working. The employee in the performance feedback system must be an active performer when it comes to working with the system, and must not consider themselves as being made to bend to the system. This would help them conform better to the once in three months’ system of review. They should be taught to evaluate peer feedback and even encourage it informally.


Employees must be motivated using the self-determination theory. The self-determination theory is one that supports an employee to behave in as much a natural way as they possibly could. This will help them behave more rationally and in a healthier manner. Three continuums are identified under self-determination theory and these three continuums would be useful to help employees become more adaptive to the newer performance management system. Firstly, employees have a basic need for competence. They would like to control their environment and would like to see positive outcomes because of their interactions (Tran, 2017). Now self-determination theory assures this. The organization by adopting self-determination theory based practices would be able to make the employee see the positive outcomes emanate from their own actions of accepting the newer review system. Secondly, in self-determination theory, employees would have a need to relate or connect. The improved number of interactions will directly enhance this connection. Finally, there is a need for autonomy where employees would have free will in how they act and yet would be doing something coherent for organization goals and interests (Tran, 2017). By adapting self-determination theory, employees could be made to understand that their time and freedom is not curbed when they do extra reviews.

Finally, in ensuring these, four recommendations are followed; it will be possible for the organization to control costs as well.