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虽然所有的顾客都很好,但宜家意识到盈利的顾客更好。因此,宜家使用的战略重点之一是利用客户知识来分析他们的偏好。这一点非常重要,因为它使公司能够确定大多数客户的价值,以及这些客户愿意或准备支付什么(Kandampully, 2011, p.89)。除此之外,通过与客户建立直接联系,宜家不仅可以更容易地监控客户,还可以更容易地维护和更新客户的重要信息,比如他们当前和未来的服务和产品需求。公司使用和分析这些信息,以塑造或定制未来的产品以及与售后服务相关的活动。



Just like its competitors, IKEA Company also seeks to achieve a competitive advantage using its supply chain management. The company attains competitive advantage through ensuring maintenance of robust links or relationships with its suppliers. It also achieves it through development of meaningful and co-operative relationships with the most advanced companies in the world. The working relationship that IKEA develops as a result of working with such companies ensures that it not only manages quality, but also integrates designs and technologies and supports the company’s sustainability goals. The aim is to ensure that the company delivers functional and innovative products to its clients quickly and at very competitive prices.
Though all customers are good, IKEA realizes the fact that profitable customers are better. As a result, one of the strategic priorities that IKEA uses is utilization of customer knowledge in order to analyze their preferences. This is quite important because it enables the company to ascertain what most of the customers value as well as what such customers are willing or ready to pay for (Kandampully, 2011, p.89). In addition to that, by having direct customer contacts, this makes it easier for IKEA to not only monitor, but also maintain and update vital information regarding its customers such as about their present and future service and product needs. The company uses and analyzes such information in order to shape or tailor future products as well as activities associated to after sales service.
Another strategic priority that affects IKEA is pricing and customer value. This is because the pricing decisions not only require knowledge regarding the current and potential customers and costs, but also it is very complex. The pricing of the company’s products and services is a vital strategic planning decision which affects IKEA. The knowledge of IKEA’s potential customers has probably become one of the most essential and difficult aspect in matters of pricing decisions. This is despite the common knowledge that products and services which are offered by a company are aimed at adding value to customers; some of the customers may actually get more value from the products and services purchased as opposed to others. This is actually one of the most strategic and competitive priorities that has been affecting IKEA as a company, because it cannot make any pricing decisions without first of all considering its major competitors both the existing as well as potential ones.