Assignment First


自由放任主义、新自由主义都是导致工业革命国家发展的有趣概念(Giddens, Duneier and Appelbaum 1993)。它也有助于国家的经济繁荣。作为这一发展的一个副作用,环境不断受到污染。这就造成了一种情况,我不得不额外支付水电费。我必须面对诸如空气污染、水污染等问题,并寻找维持这些问题的方法(Rushton, 2007)。再加上政府的债务预计将达到GDP的74.9% (Nowotny, 2015)。在这种情况下,政府债务越来越多,社会上的人,包括我自己,在未来将不得不面对。这将影响就业能力因素。投资者将选择投资于更廉价的新兴经济体,像我这样的人将遭受巨大的损失(Collins, 1979)。我将感受到这些问题的冲击,因为当资源有限的时候,获取资源的成本会变得很高。

在发达国家,人口使用的资源数量很高。因此,通货膨胀率也较高(Shrivastava, 1995)。在这一点上,主要污染者和个别公司有责任对社会,以确保他们保持经济稳定。他们拥有大规模实施这些规则的技术和资源(凯恩斯,2006)。这将确保为社会提供资源。这可以防止社会负面影响的螺旋式上升。就我个人而言,如果这些公司选择保持生态的可持续性,我会从中受益。

在当前的体系中,唯一不变的因素是一切都会改变。在进步和发展中会有持续的变化(Ehrenberg, 1985)。这些变化可能是积极的,也可能是消极的,但我必须适应这些变化。在这种情况下,我不可能在同样的工作中生存20年,除非我更新自己。这是一个简单的进化论。从历史时代到现在,我们都看到了这一点。除非我们改变和发展你们,否则社会就不会有真正的进步。


根据野中2008年的研究,公司和社会中的个人主要是为了提高效率、降低成本和提高投资回报。因此,社会中的所有人都应该倾向于生产力(pfu – effinger, 1993)。它们还应确保在自由化进程中不使现有资源贬值。


Laissez faire, Neo liberalism are all interesting concepts that lead to development of the countries in the Industrial revolution (Giddens, Duneier and Appelbaum 1993). It also helped in economic prosperity of the nation. As a side effect to this development there was continual pollution in the environment. This has created a situation where I have to pay extra for the utilities. I have to face the issues such as pollution in the air, water and look for ways to sustain (Rushton, 2007). Added to this the government debt is expected to reach 74.9% of GDP (Nowotny, 2015). In this situation there is increasing governmental debt that the people in the society including myself will have to face in the future. This will affect the employability factors. Investors will choose to invest in cheaper emerging economies and people like me will suffer on a large scale (Collins, 1979). I will feel the brunt of these issues because when the resources are limited the cost of procuring the resources will become high in the society.
In developed nation the amount of resources used by the population is high. Owing to this there are also higher rates of inflation (Shrivastava, 1995).In this primary polluters and the individual companies have a duty toward the society to ensure that they maintain economical stability. They have the technology and resources to implement these rules in a large scale (Keynes, 2006). This would ensure that there will be resources present for the society. This can prevent negative spiralling of effects in the society. Personally I would be benefitted if the companies would choose to maintain the ecological sustainability.
In the current system the only factor that is not going to change is that everything will change. There will be continual change in the progress, development (Ehrenberg, 1985). These changes could be positive or negative but I will have to adapt to these changes. In this situation there is no way that I can survive in the same kind of jobs for the next 20 years unless I update myself. This is simple theory of evolution. This has been observed from historical times to the current times. Unless we change and develop you there can be no real progress in the societies.
One positive factor of the globalization is that there is continual change in the technology and communication sector and there is rising infrastructure in the countries across the spectrum. Owing to this I will have to start looking for jobs not only within my community but rather across the world.
According to Nonaka 2008, companies and the individuals in the society are primarily looking for increased efficiency, lower costs, and improved return on investment. For this all the people in the society should tends towards productivity (Pfau-Effinger, 1993). They should also ensure that in the process of liberalization they do not devaluate the existing resources.