Assignment First






总在焦点小组参与者,80%是一致的第一人称叙事吸引他们,剩下的10% 20%不希望参与现场的计划的一部分,首选的第三人称叙述。剩下的10%是那些不喜欢电视真人秀和伪明星的人。




在所有的参与者中,Marion和Geoff被评为现实元素3星,Peep show被评为现实元素2星。





From the interview of 8 focus group participants, the results were obtained by calculating the response in percentage. For example, 60 percent participants (5 out of 8) were in agreement that POV shots help enhance the scene’s entire outlook.
The questionnaire formed for the interview had 10 brief questions to which an answer was to be given based on Likert scale rating (1 to 10 wherein 1 is minimum preference and 10 is maximum preference). This allowed to easily analysing the results.
Furthermore, throughout the interview, ethical considerations were maintained. Interviewees were told that they have the right to quit the interview whenever they want and also that any personal information given by them will not be disclosed to anyone else. The questionnaire is attached in Appendix 1.

Out of 8 participants, 100 percent participants accepted the fact that POV shots add value for any specific program. All participants believed that being an essential part of the scene was essential for them as a viewer.
Out of the total participants in the focus groups, 80 percent were in agreement of the fact that first person narration attracted them while the 10 percent from remaining 20 percent did not hope to get involved as a part of the scene of the program and preferred third person narration. The remaining 10 percent were those who did not prefer reality TV shows and mockumentaries.
Out of the total participants, only 20 percent believed that first person narration based shows are real life shows. Other 80 percent completely rejected the notion that they are real and depicted that use of elements such as POV shots along with introductory premise insertion in a TV show or mockumentary makes it evident that there is some edition done and that some changes for sure must have been done to the program.
Out of the total participant, Marion and Geoff were given 4 star rating by 60 percent participants while the remaining 20 percent were given 5 star rating. The remaining 20 percent started viewing the show but quit as it was boring for them and hence they gave it 2 star rating.
Out of the total participants, Peep show was given a rating of 5 star by 80 percent individuals due to the element of comedy combined with tragedy used to be defined for the viewer through POV shots. Remaining 20 percent gave the show 3 star rating as first person narration and use of voice overs did not make the show real like at all.
Out of the total participants, Marion and Geoff were given 3 star rating on the element of reality and Peep show was given 2 star rating with regard to the element of reality.
Out of the total participants, present of reality using POV shots, was essential to 100 percent interviewee’s.
Additionally, 80 percent participants accepted that even if they know that there does not exist an element of reality in a program and has made use of POV shots, they would still see the show as first person narration, which adds a sense of enigma, stress and engagement of the audience.
80 percent participant accepted that mockumentaries with POV shots look more real like than reality TV shows, like Peep show.