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澳洲论文代写-The research methods。文化、电影和媒体是研究中最复杂的概念,因为它们是真实的,源自真实,而且它们也是虚构的,目的是通过制作比实际更大的东西来推广某些品牌。这类概念的研究涉及到大量的心理思考,以及观众和接受者对概念的认知。这项研究可能涉及大量的人种志研究,研究人们在特定的情况下以特定的方式思考、行为和行为的方式。



之所以选择上述研究方法,是因为这样的研究可以提供足够的信息,说明媒体如何利用自己对品牌、电影或特定文化的宣传的理解(Stokes, 2003)。这个问题将试着找出人们对詹姆斯·邦德这个角色的狂热。这个问题的答案很重要,因为从这些结论和研究中,我们可以发现需要做什么来推广一些需要大量宣传和渴望转化为一个品牌的东西。因此,随着调查结果和结论的出现,人们将会对促销活动的处理方式有一些清晰的认识,这种方式可以使一些东西成为一个虚构的拥有数百万粉丝的超级品牌,并在商业上加以利用。

研究方法通常是为了找出复杂问题的答案,当发现结论时,它有助于更清楚地阐明问题,并简化未来调查人员和某一品牌或某一特定电影的配方商的考虑(Wood, 2007)。这项研究的主要受益者可以被认为是电影界、导演、电影研究人员、推销商、广告主、营销人员、投资者、演员,以及所有与电影行业相关的人,以及那些定期致力于推广其业务的媒体公司。、

澳洲论文代写-The research methods。Culture, films, and media are the most complex concepts for research since they are real, derived from the real, and they are also fictitious meant to promote certain brands by making then larger than what they actually are. The researches of such concepts involve a lot of psychological thinking and how the concept is being perceived in the minds of the viewer and the acceptors. The research may involve high amounts of ethnography study about the way people think and behave and act in a specific manner and in particular situation.
The reason for being more selective about the resources used in such kind of research is the involvement of public and their opinions which make the brand or a film or a culture to thrive. The collective power of people is the most potent and is able to generate a brand and make it glow across the globe. The investigation therefore requires more use of public as participants and this need be those who are more aware about the film or a brand or a culture that is under consideration of the research.
This essay will consider a video of James Bond escorting the Queen of England to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games 2012 in a helicopter and finally the Queen jumps from the helicopter above the ground and manages to reach safely to her destined seat. There is a question generation and instructions about how it is to ebb researched at length.
The reason of selecting the chosen research method above is due to the fact that such kind of research can give ample information about the way the media is using its own understanding about promotions of a brand or a film or a specific culture (Stokes, 2003). The question will try and find out the craze about the character of James Bond or the man enacting it. This is important to answer because from such conclusions and research, one can find out what is needed to be done to promote something which requires heavy promotion and desires to be converted into a brand. Thus, with the findings and conclusions, some clarity will be obtained about the ways in which promotions are handled in such a way that it can make something fictitious as a super brand with millions of followers and exploit it commercially.
Research methods are generally carried out to find out answers about complex issues and when the conclusions are found it serves to clarify the question more clearly and eases the future consideration of investigators and formulators of a brand or a specific film (Wood, 2007). The main beneficiaries of this research can be considered to be the film fraternity, directors, researchers of films, promoters, advertisers, marketers, investors, actors, and all those associated with the industry of film business along with media companies working to promote their business on a regular basis.

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