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本篇澳洲论文代写-英国退欧与贸易保护主义讲了英国脱欧是一个常见的术语,用来解释英国可能退出欧盟。在2016年6月的公投中,UL选民投票决定脱离欧盟。据估计,英国将在2019年3月前脱离欧盟。英国的这一决定对移民、贸易和商业产生了影响。本篇澳洲论文代写由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Brexit is a common term that is used to explain about the prospective withdrawal of the United Kingdom from European Union. In a referendum on June 2016, the UL electorate voted to leave the European Union. It is estimated that the UK is on a course to leave the European Union by March 2019 (Hunt & Wheeler). This decision by the UK has impacts on immigration, trade and commerce.

The purpose of this analysis is to probe into the aspects of UK leaving EU. The impacts of single market for the EU and the impacts of free trade in the international markets have been detailed.

In the article, it showed that there was an advantage for maintaining the single market EU. The beneficial aspects and the impacts of the free trade were detailed. To explore more one particular raw material has been used to combine with the principles that were alluded in the article.

The impact of Milk Supply and Demand in EU for UK

The Ps in the graph refer to the price, the Q variable is about the quantity of milk supply. A,b,c and d refers to the requirement for the people. In the graph about the tariff is reduced for the nation Denmark for its milk supply. The area between c and d shows the increase in the sales of the product. In cases where the union is created. The members of the union decide to eliminate the tariff among them. The effect of this tariff is that there will be lower priced imports. The consumers would increase the demand for the product owing to the lower prices. This process is known as a trade creation process. This is shown between the areas c and d in the graph. It is assumed that in this process, Denmark and UK will be benefited. The proponents of Brexit state that this would increase the aggregate demand for the milk and milk related products. This would lead to more business for Demark. However, in UK the people who are producers will be impacted. They state that the local producers will be impacted. In this process, it cannot be refuted in this paradigm that there will be a dynamic relation between the two nations. The market correction will enable in the growth of the industry and also sophistication in the consumer demands. UK can also free its other resources and focus on creation of different milk products. This would cause more resources to be freed for other innovation. This could lead to a comparative advantage where trade would continue as a positive aspect. This is the argument that is made by the proponents of the EU. They state that the creation of a single market would be beneficial for the European markets. This creation of the market would enable in the growth of EU markets.

Graph 2: Milk Supply in Free trade without EU regulations.

Before UK joined EU, it had a common import price for the production. In this case, New Zealand was able to produce even cheaper products and hence they were in the markets.