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本篇澳洲论文代写-影响中国经济增长的因素讲了环境问题也会影响经济增长。这也造成了国家巨大的经济损失和社会损失。世界各国的环境经济学家都承认,环境的恶化和资源的缺乏将使中国经济每年损失约8-12%的GDP。损失的主要领域是公共卫生和生产力。世界银行估计,城市空气污染造成的损失超过200亿美元。同样,在城市地区,由于缺水,工业被迫关闭。这导致了大约140亿美元的生产损失。同样,在农村地区,缺水和污染问题每年导致约240亿美元的农作物损失。这对中国未来的经济也构成了严重的威胁。本篇澳洲论文代写文章由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Environmental issues also have impact on the economic growth. This also contributes to the great financial loss for the country along with the social loss. The environmental economists around the world readily admit that environmental degradation and lack of resources would cost Chinese economy about 8-12% of the GDP annually. Major areas of losses are public health and productivity. These losses because of air pollution in the urban areas are estimated to be more than $20 billion by the World Bank. Similarly in the urban areas industries are forced to shut operations due to the scarcity of water. This contributes to loss of around $14 billion in the way of lost production. Likewise in rural areas the problem of scarce water and pollution leads to about $24 billion worth crop loss annually. This poses a serious threat to the Chinese economy in the future, too. The estimates in number are not available to see the future costs of these losses. However, according to the predictions made by World Bank, just the costs of health issues would be tripled by the year 2020 and could cost China about $98 billion. Therefore, unless some immediate action is not taken by China towards its environmental issues, it would cost it very hugely and alter the growth trend of economy drastically (Albert and Xu, 2016).

In my opinion, these are the immediate threats to China in its way to achieve targeted growth on economy and keep it sustaining over coming years. Along with the competition in global manufacturing economy, its advancement and upgradation, China must also keep the losses due to environmental issues under check.

What institutional and social reforms may be required to enable the continued development of the Chinese economy?

To maintain the momentum of the economic growth like before, China needs to bring in some reforms immediately. The resources have to be allocated wisely. The financial, economic and social reforms to allocate resources in a better way are the need of the hour to attain its target of 7% growth. China is facing a huge but not impossible task at hand they can begin with labour relocation. China enjoys the strength of population, However this also posses difficulties. China has a huge number of underutilized or even unutilized people in its rural areas. These people can be employed in productive areas. The Chinese government has come up with the urbanization programs to achieve this target by making this arrangement a short term boost can be given to nation’s aggregate productivity and thereby its GDP growth.

China is mainly export oriented in its approach, however to attain the targeted growth private consumption growth has to be increased. This means that the economy has to bring in reforms which create more employments and weaken the protective savings of the household. The lack of proper financial system leads people to make inadequate precautionary savings in the households. Even Chinese corporate indulge in higher savings which is later ploughed back in company’s investment.