Assignment First


该程序在窗口帮助下为用户提供详细信息,该窗口包括用于选择个人需要的参考类型的下拉菜单。 EndNote是一个众所周知的软件工具,可以帮助每个人,无论是为了商业,学习,教学或写作的目的,执行某些任务。这些任务如下(克罗宁2011):

与EndNote相比,可以说Docear是专业人士更喜欢的。这是由于该软件包提供的应用程序基于Bibtex管理参考,思维导图和其他一些用于管理PDF的功能(Cronin 2011)。此外,通过使用Bibtex模式,与EndNote相比,软件包没有发生重大和重大的错误。关于未来,Docear的开发人员正在制定计划,以实现PDF编辑器,文字处理器以及学术搜索引擎的整合。 Docear提供了两个主要功能,EndNote不提供这些功能。根据第一个特征,PDF的注释(如突出显示的文本,注释和书签)可以由Docear(Cronin 2011)导入。借助此功能,可以轻松组织和管理文档中最相关的信息。第二个功能是轻松构建思维导图中的所有信息。在EndNote的软件包中找不到这些功能。另外,与EndNote相比,Docear大多数专业人士更喜欢这种方式。


The program contributes in the presentation of details for the users with the help of a window that consists of a menu of drop down for the selection of the type of reference that is required by an individual. EndNote is a well known tool of software that can help every individual, whether for the purpose of business, learning, teaching or writing, in carrying out certain tasks. These tasks are as follows (Cronin 2011):
Importing references from databases available online
Adding and organizing references manually within the databases of ‘library’
Writing and inserting citation into the Word document being used simultaneously
Creation of bibliographies in a number of styles of bibliography

Comparison of EndNote with Docear and Citavi
In comparison with EndNote, it can be stated that Docear is more preferred by the professionals. This is due to the fact that the applications provided by this software package are based on Bibtex for the management of reference, mind mapping, and several other capabilities for the management of PDF (Cronin 2011). Also, by using the mode of Bibtex, there are no significant and major errors made by the software package as it is in the case of EndNote. With respect to the future, plans are being made by the developers of Docear to enable the integration of PDF editor, word processor as well as academic search engines. There are two main features that Docear offers and such features are not offered by EndNote. According to the first feature, annotation of PDF such as highlighted texts, comments, and bookmarks, can be imported by Docear (Cronin 2011). With the help of this feature, easy organization and management of most relevant information of the document can be done. The second feature is structuring of all information within a mind map easily. Both of these features cannot be found in the package of EndNote. Also, in comparison with EndNote, Docear is mostly preferred by a majority of professionals.