Assignment First

本篇澳洲商业论文代写-宝瓶座健康的服务在审计的第一步中,宝瓶座健康和Medispa提供的服务在技术上被称为服务。在经典的服务产品定义下,宝瓶座健康和Medispa的产品是易腐烂的。产品的易腐性给产品的营销带来了一定的时间限制(Chand, 2017)。易腐产品的市场营销与时间紧密相关,因此,当时间被浪费在接触高效的客户群体上时,服务产品和服务质量也会损失。宝瓶座健康和Medispa的服务产品确实是这样的,不能存储,在公司服务的时间方面没有满足,这让客户非常不满意。其次,根据服务产品的经典定义,宝瓶座Health和Medispa的服务是一个需求非常波动的服务(Berry, 1980)。因此,服务的提供和产品的营销形式必须适应波动。所提供的服务如下截图所示。他们提供日间水疗服务,浴室服务,最后他们提供健康和福利服务。

Heterogeneity, pricing of services and service quality measurement are three more important characteristics to understand services. The pricing of services is the sixth element and the pricing of services must be drawn competitively and must be standardized where necessary and made variable where necessary. Price is a strong element when it comes to the Aquarius Health and Medispa, because there are different segments of consumers who would view price as the deciding factor in choosing spa services. Some consumers might view spa services as being very essential and these consumers would not mind paying premium, however, some other consumers would believe that spa services is just an additional thing and they would want to check competitive services.
It is to consider how price based differentiation exists between Aquarius Health and Medispa and its competitors.

Place is a significant marketing entity here. The final element that defines services and that which is used to finally establish the service notions of Aquarius Health and Medispa as fitting the classical characteristics and definition of services is that of how the service quality is not statistically measurable (Chand, 2017). Service quality is such that it cannot be measured very directly (Ennew & Binks, 1996). Therefore, it has to be measured by means of quality satisfaction of customer based on place, price etc. How comfortable the location is for customer has to be assessed.

Aquarius Health and Medispa identifies different segments of consumers. Heterogeneity of services will exist based on the form of package that people choose. For instance, Aquarius Health and Medispa has diversified their services creating heterogeneity for consumers. Some consumers get to choose day spa packages which are usually a complete set of packages, and others choose only a facial spa or other small packages. This form of affordability sensibilities would be comfortable for the consumers. Now in the context of identifying different segments of consumers, it is necessary for the spa to restructure its promotions.
The people aspect for the Aquarius Health and Medispa creates a constant fluctuating demand as not everybody visits the spa regularly. The fluctuating demand for the service is characterized by the changes in demand created by a peak time in the day and an off-peak time, or alternatively it could be a peak season or an off-peak time. The demand is not as steady as in the case of the product market where an inventory taking can be done if needed based on studying the demand. People are trend to change with time within a year. Here at best, some amount of preparation could be had by studying off and on-peak demands. The Aquarius Health and Medispa service of Brisbane completely fits this profile. Checking a customer experience on the Yelp website one finds that there are summer discounts and more indicating that the Medispa understands the need to pamper its on-peak customers (Yelp, 2017). In addition, the spa mentions a gym for the clients to use, this would create variable demand throughout the day for that service.