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本篇澳洲市场营销论文代写-罗斯汽车旅馆讲了这家汽车旅馆凭借对消费者的关注而获得了影响力。这家汽车旅馆目前是一家坐落在好地段的整洁的汽车旅馆。这个分析的目的是利用汽车旅馆的存在,帮助它获得更多的消费者。这家汽车旅馆设法获得了一个小众的家庭消费基础。这是一个重要的成就。然而,酒店需要更多的乐趣,以吸引老年人。这个老年群体有很大的潜力,需要加以利用。本篇澳洲市场营销论文代写文章由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

In this analysis, there will be a case study of the Ross Motel to increase the sales and customer acquisition. These have been discussed in detail.

The Ross Motel is in Gold Coast New Zealand. This is of the Island west coast and is found to be 20 minutes from the south of Holistic. This is located near the centre of the west coast. It is considered to be the ideal place to stay and is a wonderful attraction to all the West coast attraction (Rossmotelsconz., 2017 ). This is 1.5-hour drive away from the Fox Glacier, Pancake rocks. This is ideally located in the urban areas and has attraction to all the tourist areas in the vicinity. There are also family trips and fun college trips that are in the areas. This is a near ideal spot for all the attractions. The people can unwind and relax in the locales. Ross is a historic mining area. These make this motel an ideal place for vacation. This Motel has managed to gain leverage based on its attention to the consumers. The motel is currently a neat motel in a nice location. The aim of this analysis is to leverage the presence of the motel and help it gain more consumers. There is a niche family consumer base that the motel has managed to garner. It is an important accomplishment. However, the hotel needs to be more fun in order to attract the senior population. This senior population has a lot of potential and needs to be harnessed.

The target market, market segmentation and positioning of the motel to increase their presence in the market have been detailed in the following.

Market Segmentation

Market segmentation is the process of subdividing the homogenous markets into smaller segments of consumers (Mullins et al., 2012). This group of consumers have typically the same needs and demands. The objective is to derive the marketing mix that matches the expectation of the customers. The four basic tenets or variables that are used in the marketing segmentation are the behavioural, psychographic, demographic and geographical differences in the markets.