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无论是在德国电影行业,还是在国际舞台上,Murnau的作品都受到了极大的赞赏,他被认为是在作品中运用光影效果的先驱之一(Larsson, 2013)。电影中的一些标志性事件已经被描绘出来,而这些技术方面仍然被其他导演引用,以制作他们各自的设计。电影采用了红、黄、蓝等多种色彩进行复原。被指派进行修复相关工作的小组成员认为,使用黑人和白人似乎是有限的,他们无法注意到时间的不同。因此,这些颜色帮助观众很容易区分,光,黑暗,夜或白天的现象。蓝色被用于这样一种方式,它反映了黑暗和夜晚的时间。另一方面,红色和黄色被发现表示光和白天的时间(阿什伯里,2001)。阴影效果驴代表邪恶的背景,黑暗作为创造代表恐怖,在那里作为光源已经表现出家庭时间,幸福和和谐。总的来说,这部电影表达了一个非常美丽的描绘各种各样的影响,重新定义了穆尔诺作为一个导演的工作。接下来有关澳洲市场营销论文代写-Murnau导演的电影简介如下:

The first meeting between Orlok and Hutter has been shown in a sequence where Hutter had to travel to Carpathis so that he could meet him. This historic meeting has been shown with the presence of a prominent inter title, where the actual crossing which happened between the real world and the world of nightmares have been shown with a boundary, which was an innovative way to take the story forward. They expressed this as “… the time when the bridge was crossed, it was the phantoms who met him”. Upon the glimpse as portrayed in the story, the portrait of Ellen, Orlok looks out and walks away are carrying a stash of coffins which are mostly filled with earth, towards the Black Sea from the sides of Versa (Brosnon, 1976). He wanted to go to Bremen which has been referred to as Wisborg in the movie, in the Northern parts of Germany. This entire epical journey was continued in the sea and the vast distance covered geographically has been found to diminish in the subsequent Dracula movies, as this distance has been shown to be covered through air travels and other paths of telecommunication.

The various conventions which will lead to the establishment of Vampire like background have been successfully created in this movie. For instance, the thirst of the Vampire for drinking blood, Sunlight’s energy and power to destroy different creatures, and phenomenon of vampirism are used as a metaphor for describing sexuality, xenophobia and contagion respectively.
In spite of the hideous character of Orlok as displayed, the character of Mina has been shown to sacrifice herself to him without any form of erotic aspects, which have been kept absent with that of her human form of husband. The best thing in this movie is the use of light (Hantke, 2004). The innovative application of the well known concept is that Dracula cannot survive in night has been nicely brought out in this movie. They have described that after sunrise the Count Ornok will die if exposed to sunlight. In order to substantiate this claim, they have shown a feature where Mina has been found to submit herself to the humanly desires of Count Ornok.
The condition was that this vampire, before sunrise was unable to tear out himself from Mina’s neck. Just like other vampires and monsters, Orlock is shown to be finally undone by his humanly desires of life.

Thus, a series of changes and alterations were done. Vampire’s name was changed from Count Dracula into Count Orlock along with the alterations of different other characters (Dionisio, 2014). The aspects of expressionism and comparison with modern day vampires have created a different sense of beauty in the movie. Count Orcock’s figure has been described just opposite to what it was for Count Dracula. He has been described as handsome and gentle in nature, probably to give out a more humanly form as against the original large sized ugly looking Dracula.