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本篇澳洲艺术与设计论文代写-《了不起的盖茨比》讲了《了不起的盖茨比》被誉为一部与任何时代都息息相关的小说。从课文中可以看出盖茨比出身贫寒。他试图获得金钱和名望。他能够创造生活在一个虚假世界的幻觉,并创造自己的现实。他从不接受现实和他的经济状况。他不接受自己的亲生父母,因为他仍然相信自己会在这个世界上变得更好。他的一些行为是肆无忌惮的。然而,他能够愚弄他周围的大多数人,使他们相信他对世界的错误判断。本篇澳洲艺术与设计论文代写由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Great Gatsby has been hailed as a novel that is relatable to all the times. It is known from the text that Gatsby is form a poor family. He tries to secure money and gain fame. He was able to create the illusion of living in a fake world and create his own reality. He never accepted his reality and his financial situation. He did not accept his biological parents as he continued to believe that he would be better in the world by himself. Some of his actions were unscrupulous. Nevertheless, he was able to fool most of the people around him and bring them to believe his false assertion of the world.

From the early years, Gatsby had planned a future that was carefully crafted to meet his own demands. At the starting of the story, it is evident that Gatsby is considered to be someone prosperous and great. However, towards the end of the novel, the reader understands the arrogance of Gatsby.

He was obsessed with Daisy. Even though his love for Daisy was in a made-up world, he was not able to change his ideas even though they were not reciprocated. When he realized that he could never really live with Daisy, he only tried harder and took more risks to make sure that she falls in love with Gatsby.

Gatsby assumed that by accumulating material possessions and worldly fame, Daisy would be attracted to him. He created illusions in his mind about having a long happy marriage to Daisy. However, when Daisy has a daughter, the ideal vision of the married life is interrupted as there is a strong manifestation of reality. He idolizes Daisy. However, she can never really fit into his persona of ideal as they keep changing. In reality, if Gatsby had married Daisy, he would never be happy with her as he had created an ideal vision of her. This idealized vision and expectation would have been changing causing him to be disappointed. When Daisy kills Myrtle, he takes the blame for her as he cannot accept Daisy to have any flaws. Gatsby is very idealistic; this is his greatness and weakness as well.