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本篇澳洲作业代写-商品生产和消费讲了19世纪中期发生的工业革命改变了很多关于商品生产和消费的事情。一个新的阶级出现了,即中产阶级,他们渴望与工人阶级区分开来。这种饥饿被认为是通过购买多种消费品来满足的。战后的经济变化导致了人们思想的变化,因为他们现在想成为消费者而不是生产者。因此,从19世纪末到20世纪初,伦敦出现了一种新型的百货商店。这些新店很豪华,目标是针对女性顾客。零售商店的室内设计是奢华的,代表了时尚富有的私人住宅。本篇澳洲作业代写文章由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

The area under discussion here is the Oxford Circus and the ways in which it emerged as an important shopping destination in London after the 19th century. The era was of the Pre-Industrial evolution and the “shopping” as we know now, which did not exist at that time. At that time, people went in the shops to buy good and did buy what was shown or available. Furthermore, another important factor was that there were limited resources and limited time to spend in buying things. The people at that time had the mindset of using the household items including clothing items all their life through repair and reuse. There was no social pressure to look good or better than someone else, and thus, not many new purchases were made.

The Industrial revolution that happened in the mid-nineteenth century changed a lot of things about the production and consumption of goods. A new class of people emerged i.e. the middle class which had the hunger to differentiate themselves from the working class. This hunger was considered to be satisfied by buying many types of consumer goods. The post war economic changes led to the changes in the thinking of the population as they now wanted to be the consumers and not the producers. Hence, a new style of department stores emerged in London from the late nineteenth century to the early twentieth century. These new stores were luxurious and had the aim to target the women shoppers. The interior designing of the retail stores was lavish and representative of the fashionable and wealthy private houses.

Interior Design

Just like there was no luxurious store before the Industrial Revolution, the interior design also did not hold any importance at that time. As the demands of the consumers changed with time, so did the design of the retail stores. The retail stores had to look attractive and luxurious to attract all classes of customers. People go shopping with the mindset of looking different than the rest of their group. And as it is a clear observation that presentation is important in any creative product, this applies in the retail stores of fashion brands as well. Thus, the retail stores need to provide the consumers with the feel of being wealthy and posh. This is the best and most important way to attract customers to the stores. The customers need to feel that the stores represent the clothes or fashion of the wealthy and upper class people when they visit the retail outlet.