Assignment First



对于第一个由热工作台引起的风险,与该风险相关的风险是对人的肌肉骨骼损伤。这种形式的风险发生的频率相当高,因为hot desking是呼叫中心工作的标准部分。其影响范围可以从低到中,如果是老年员工或存在肌肉骨骼问题的员工,那么受伤的风险也可能很高。可能的缓解措施是帮助员工更新他们在工作场所的坐姿,并为他们提供适当的座位和其他安排,以减少工作场所的伤害。现在根据控制层次,风险不能完全消除,因为它是呼叫中心工作和设计的一部分,但是风险可以通过行政控制来控制。适当的培训可以帮助和工作安排也将有助于减少伤害(昆士兰劳资关系,2003)。在等级制度中,个人防护设备通常是最后的手段,就呼叫中心而言,必须为员工提供某种形式的防护座椅,或减少肌肉骨骼磨损的座椅




The risks were identified and then based on form of hazard, and the frequency and the impact of the risk different options are suggested to control the risk. This is submitted as the recommendation made to the OHS committee for the workplace, based on which the proper changes and controls can be implemented.
For the first risk that arises because of hot desking, the risk risks associated with the hazard are that of musculoskeletal injury to the person. The frequency of occurrence of this form of a risk is quite high as the hot desking is a standard part of the call centre working. The impact can be anywhere from low to medium or in the case of an aged employee or an employee with existing musculoskeletal issues then the risk of injury could be high also. Possible mitigation measures are to help the employees update how they sit at the workstation and provide them with proper seating and other arrangements that reduce workplace injury. Now according to the hierarchy of control, the risks cannot be eliminated completely as it is part of the call centre working and design, but the risk can be controlled by means of administrative controls. Proper training can help and work scheduling will also help reduce the injury (Queensland Industrial Relations, 2003). Personal protective equipment is usually the last resort in the hierarchy, in the case of the call centre some form of protective seating or one that reduced the musculoskeletal wear and tear in the employee must be given
The repetitive and monotonous work with very little task variation is once again a challenge for the employees and the risk of mental fatigue and stress will increase. The repetition of tasks makes employees feel a loss of control. Workplace design can be done such that the hazard is eliminated, in the hierarchy of controls, this is the best option. This can be achieved by some form of task variation in the workplace. The task variation can be in the form of a different communication style that the employee can use or it can be some form of a script or technique variation allowance that can be allowed to employee or employees might be allowed to share their views on how the design change can be done (Queensland Industrial Relations, 2003).
Night shift work results in the risk of injury in the form of heath, social grievances as the person might not have a proper social life because of working in the night shift and more. Here administrative controls must be employed and the employees can be given options to have more flexible rotations and substitutions.