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今天为大家分享一篇优秀的论文范文-assignment代写:景观设计分析。本文讲述的是刘易斯的耕地类型的平缓定居,但起伏的景观往往延伸到东部和北部海岸线以外的刘易斯,如Borve, Garrabost,和尼斯。这种类型的景观可以归类为平缓的斜坡长扫过圆顶,结束穿过长海滩弯曲向大海,甚至合并为沼泽沼泽湿地在任何其他地方(Musacchio 2009, 996)。有时陡峭的山坡和小河谷被认为是均匀地切割轮廓。克罗夫特房屋和建筑下的低层天际线是其特点。如果需要更多更全的assignment代写资料,请联系我们的客服。

刘易斯的耕地类型的平缓定居,但起伏的景观往往延伸到东部和北部海岸线以外的刘易斯,如Borve, Garrabost,和尼斯。assignment代写这种类型的景观可以归类为平缓的斜坡长扫过圆顶,结束穿过长海滩弯曲向大海,甚至合并为沼泽沼泽湿地在任何其他地方(Musacchio 2009, 996)。有时陡峭的山坡和小河谷被认为是均匀地切割轮廓。克罗夫特房屋和建筑下的低层天际线是其特点。



线性耕地区域的一个重要特征是与克罗夫特的老建筑之间简单而强烈的联系,其次是需要管理克罗夫特的单独条带。assignment代写这导致了可预测的线性模式的创建,甚至克罗夫特建筑的空间和与之相关的耕地城镇的土地持有。这些往往与周围常见的荒野形成强烈的对比。整个城镇的新建住宅将不可避免地改变与城镇相关的农村属性(Holmgren 2002, 61)。然而,assignment代写也可以在新房屋的选址和设计上尽量减少增加的密度和加强不同的线性作物模式。

The gently settled, yet rolling landscapes for the crofting type of Lewis tends to be extending beyond the eastern and northern coastlines of Lewis such as Borve, Garrabost, and Ness. This type of landscape can be categorized by the gentle slopes long sweeping across the domed that end across long beaches of curving towards the seaward, assignment代写with even merger as boggy moorland anywhere else (Musacchio 2009, 996). Occasional steep sided and small river valleys are known to be dissecting the outlines evenly. Low level of skylines under the toothing of croft houses and buildings can be identified as the characteristic.

The overall scale related to the landscape appears to be large consisting of open views as the commonplace. Only on occasional basis, the variation of landform is known to be in combination for the provision of an extremely intimate scale. The attribute exposed over this particular landscape depicts that more often there is openness in each and every element of the weather. Further ahead, assignment代写visual diversity across the landscape is derived out of the patterns of managing land use (Kong-jian et al. 2001, 21). Contrasts among croft outbye and inbye often appear to be extremely sharp, with no or less transition between the managed moorlands and grassland.

Underlying Design Philosophy

A crucial attribute for the areas of linear crofting is the simple strong relationship with the older buildings of croft followed by the need of managing individual strips of croft. assignment代写This results in the creation of predictable linear pattern, even space of croft building and the related holdings of land across the Crofting Township. These tend to be strongly contrasting the surrounding common graxing of moorland. The establishment of new housing across the townships of crofting will be changing inevitably the rural attribute related to the townships (Holmgren 2002, 61). assignment代写However, there could be siting and designing of new housing for minimizing the enhanced density and reinforcing the different patterns of linear crofting.