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本篇assignment代写-考古学讲了玻璃生产行业是家庭用具生产的重要组成部分,因此,玻璃制品在社会上得到广泛的应用是有可能的。因此,它可以说是一个更常见的产品,是根据使用它的人的特定需求构建的。这在某种程度上可能会使考古学家感到困惑或复杂化,而在其他方面可能是一种优势。要更好地理解这一点,请考虑以下示例。例如,可以根据个人的需要以不同的形式开发对象,这意味着很难进行归纳。然而,由于许多人使用它,这将意味着考古学家通过研究深刻的差异将能够构建一个复杂的社会概况的对象。本篇assignment代写文章由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

The unguentarium has a more functional use and less of an aesthetic use. At a time period when it was developed, there was much focus on aesthetic and artistic elements. However, it can be contended that the unguentarium is functional rather than descriptive and that it was used generally by everybody, men or women. It would typically have been developed as a mini amphora. However, its use would have changed later as is evident in its shape. It is interesting that this product is sometimes classified for its similarity with the amphora and at times is even differentiated with the ampulla. However, the distinctive form of the unguentarium shows that it cannot be confused with any other. In addition, some scholarly literature also attempt to make use of different names for it. They call it the lacrimarium which is translated as tear container, and the balsamarium which is translated as balsam-container. These are some of the more modern uses of the word. The unguentarium is an example of the prolific glass working industry of the roman world. It was made in a time when the glass working industry was in its peak. Glass was made use of in the Roman Empire to make almost everything (Fleming 59). They made fruit bowls out of gasses. Glasses were used to make wine fountains or it was used to make platters etc. Now in the Roman era, around 54 million of the people could have used many forms of the unguentarium. They could have been used as part of the domestic possession in which it was kept along with around sixty or more types of glassware. It was probably used by ladies as part of their general toiletry setup. It could have been used by the imperials of the time. Alternatively it could have found some use for the common man as well. With the glass production industry being an important part of production of domestic utensils, it is probable that this product found a widespread use in the community. Hence, it could be said it was a more common product that was constructed according to the specific needs of the person using it. This in a way could confuse or complicate situations for the archeologists, and in other ways could be an advantage. To understand this better consider the following example. For instance, the object could be developed in different forms based on the needs of the individual which means that generalization would be difficult. However, since many individuals used it, it would mean that the archeologist through study of deep differences would be able to construct a complex societal profile for the object.