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旅遊帶有倫理因素,要求旅遊者在行為上更加合乎倫理,不能有不合理的行為。重要的場址比一般場址需要更多的註意,因為由於其固有的性質、生產價值和對維持該區域生態平衡的作用,人們認為這些場址對未來更為重要。標識的倫理問題是塞拉Gorda在地方,墨西哥的11 bio-conservation儲備地區面臨的倫理困境之間保持一個平衡當地社區的生計的最低水平,並保存網站作為bio-reserve非常重要。本文將討論所呈現的倫理困境,以及維持兩者之間平衡的可能解決方案。



在倫理困境中,合理的決策框架提供了合理決策的基本要求,在倫理困境中,決策的公正性和後果與決策的缺陷得到適當的權衡。Sierra Gorda是一個偉大的遺址,它陷入了一個倫理困境,一方面要保護該地區免受過度開發,因為它是控制氣候和天氣的重要生物圈;另一方面要保護住在裏面的社區,因為他們世世代代都住在這裏。運用正義理論中的自然法和德性倫理學,得出了一個合理的判斷。生活要求社區繼續生活而不是進入禁區內和剝削的森林地區超出了他們的生活需求,特別是該地區的保護與社區先進措施,當局,遊客共同做出決定不破壞的內部動植物和景觀塞拉Gorda在墨西哥地區。


Tourism has an ethical element attached to it, where the tourist is required to be more ethical in his or her actions and not behave irrationally. The sites of importance require more attention than normal sites as they are considered to be more important for the future due to its inherent nature, its productive value, and its usefulness for maintaining an ecological balance in the region. The ethical issue identified is the site of Sierra Gorda in Queretaro, Mexico which is one of the 11 bio-conservation reserve area grappling an ethical dilemma of maintaining a balance between the sustenance of the local community subsistence level, and to conserve the site which is immensely important as a bio-reserve. This paper will discuss the ethical dilemma presented and what are the possible solutions available to maintain the balance between the two.
The decision for striking a balance between the two is important and must be based on a sound ethical theory which is justified and provides relief to both sides of the dilemma.
The possible decisions available to the dilemma is based upon the human rights ethics of the people living inside the reserve and the right of nature to be protected for a long time. The ethical theories of virtue ethics and natural law will be applied to the case study ethical dilemma.
The rational decision making framework provides a fundamental requirement of justifiable decision in ethical dilemmas where the justice and consequences of the decisions are weighed properly against the drawbacks of the decision. Sierra Gorda is a great site and is entangled into an ethical dilemma of protecting the region from excessive exploitation as it is an essential biosphere for climate and weather control, and of protecting the communities living inside as they have been living these since generations. The natural law and virtue ethics of justice theories are applied here and a suitable decision is arrived. The living community is asked to continue living inside but not enter into restricted zones and exploitation of the forest region beyond their livelihood requirement, and the region in particular is protected with advanced measures where the community, the authorities, and visitors work together to make a decision about not damaging the internal flora and fauna and landscape of the Sierra Gorda region in Mexico.