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PressPausePlay是一部由Victor Kohler和David Dworsky导演的电影。该片于2011年西南电影节期间上映。创作者Dworsky和Kohler在PressPausePlay中研究了当代数字表达的细微差别。它包括与Moby, Bill Drummond, Seth Godin, Lena Dunham, Robyn和Sean Parker等人的对话。这部纪录片的意识形态是,新媒体的发展已经成为一把双刃剑。莫比在采访中说,












PressPausePlay is a movie that has been directed by Victor Köhler and David Dworsky. It was released in the year 2011 during South West Film Festival. Creators Dworsky and Köhler examine nuances of contemporary digital expression in PressPausePlay. It includes conversations with Moby, Bill Drummond, Seth Godin, Lena Dunham, Robyn and Sean Parker, etc. Ideology of this documentary is that the development of new media has become a double-edged sword. Moby states in his interview,
“Artists today are equally excited and afraid” Moby
Owing to digital technology there has been a tremendous growth in the field of arts. It has helped many artists such as Ólafur Arnalds states in the documentary,
“I started making my music early 2006 recording my first album… I think only 3-4 months after I actually put some of the music online, I was playing my first shows and they were already sold out. So it happened very fast, it was not some years of preparation; it was just a few months.” Ólafur Arnalds.
Nevertheless, it has also made anyone with technological devices to be essentially a filmmaker or an artist. Journalists and producers are finding it difficult to find out real talent in this noise.
Andrew Keen reiterates this notion in the documentary,
“And how does one find the “next Hitchcock?” as it all “gets lost in this ocean of garbage” Keen
In this scenario, it becomes difficult to find out the real stars and unique composition. There is a chance that the next big revolutionary music goes unnoticed in this vast array of musical compositions that are mediocre or simply bad. Hence, this is the drawback of the new age digital revolution. In this movie, a lot of focus is given to the musical expressions and development.
From watching the documentary, it can be said that it gives rise to interesting perspective about the development of media. As Moby aptly states,
“Almost everybody I meet in the world of art, music, literature or creative expression, everybody is equally excited and afraid. Nobody really knows where their next pay-check is coming from, but they’re really excited about their ability to create and share their work”. Moby
This documentary states the various nuances and new age issues that arise from this contemporary world. This democratization of music which making it ubiquitous has its own merits and issues. Nevertheless, it is expected that technology will only further develop. Documentary basically states that direction of the growth should not lead to development of complacency and mediocrity. This documentary can be used as a focal point to further divulge into details about democratization in New Media.