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本篇assignment代寫-影響雀巢公司的因素講了隨着人口的增長,遵守環境法的要求也變得越來越嚴格。雀巢是致力於減少碳排放的領先跨國公司之一。該公司的可持續發展政策進一步宣佈,該公司希望在創造更好的食品的同時,創造更好的客戶生活。它進一步承諾採用可持續的商業環境實踐和創建以環境爲導向的項目。本篇assignment代寫文章由澳洲第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

There are several factors influencing the industry of Nestle. Economic, social, technological, environmental and legal are the key factors.

Economic: The recent turmoil has resulted in weakening the economy across the world. The worldwide market is still recovering. However the disastrous situation has not affected Nestle much which is evident from the net profit recorded of the company in the year 2011 at 9.5 billion CHF. Therefore, economic influences are less (Verbeke et al., 2016).

Social: A paradigm change has been brought forward within among the biggest customer segment of the company implying that the customer is shifting to consumption of healthy food and organic food. All of the FMCG companies will be affected in future by the fact that there will be a dip in foods having higher cholesterol and higher oils. This will hasten such companies to transition towards healthy markets of food which is less competitive relatively. Such a trend presents an opportunity for Nestle.

Technological: Within this era, technology plays an essential role. Technology support companies to reach competitive benefit and sustain growth of organic nature. Always Nestle has been at the technology usage forefront and has innovated newer and improvised strategies to create good products. It should continue doing so (Vlassopoulos et al., 2016).

Environmental: The population is increasing and with this the need to abide with the environmental laws has also become strict. Nestle is among the leading multinationals which have indulged to cut down the emissions from carbon. The company’s policy of sustainability has further declared that the company wants creating better customer life along with better food creation. It further promises adopting sustainable practices of business environmentally and creating programs oriented on environment.