Assignment First

本篇assignment代写-珠宝建筑艺术讲了对普通大众来说,珠宝被认为是一种装饰品。然而,对于设计师来说,珠宝是一种激情和象征艺术形式。艺术通常是时代的产物。它反映了特定时代的文化潮流。在这个范例中,每个艺术家都能够通过珠宝工具来表达他们的思想和感受。人们发现,美观的珠宝具有美丽和可爱的外观。它被用来表达一个想法。由此可以看出,一件首饰的设计不仅仅是崇拜。它也阐明了一些艺术家的内在动力和他们的情感。本篇assignment代写由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

To the general public jewellery is considered to be a decoration. However, for designers, jewellery is passion and a symbolic art form. Art is usually a product of the times. It is found to reflect the cultural trend of the particular era. In this paradigm each individual artists are able to express their thoughts and feelings by using the tool of jewellery. Aesthetic jewellery is found to have a beautiful and endearing appearance. It is used to convey an idea. From this it can be formulated that a piece of jewellery design is not only adoration. It also elucidates a number of internal dynamics of the artists and their sentiments (Markowitz & Elysen, 2008). It is a prolific tool that is used to explore the dimension of the human psyche.

In general, there is a fascination with infinite, distant galaxy and mysterious universe from generation to generation. It is considered to be an enigma that is based on the science and astronomy. In this schema, the people are able to know more allusions about the current galaxy than the past. In this schema, the notions of galaxy are not a flat vision. Rather it is a dimensional and stratified space, which is actually a silhouette of the universe. Galaxy is an enigmatic and mysterious subject that has always been fountain of design inspiration for the artists. Therefore, for this final project there has been the choice of galaxy for the theme of the project.

1.1 Research Aim and Objectives

The research aim is find ways to incorporate the galaxy and the modern jewellery design.

The objectives of the research

Find ways to derive the relationship between galaxy and jewellery

Utilize the ideologies of David Watkins to find ways in which the galaxy elements can be mixed with the jewellery design

Understand the ways in which there can be specific architectural designs that can be drawn

Deriving the relationship between specific themes and galaxy subject.

1.2 Signpost

This dissertation is divided into four major parts, and the initial section will discuss design rational to introduce the background of this topic. The second section will present the methodologies that have been used in this paper. The third section will be the main content, in this section there will be the discussion that is based on the priority research about the jewellery designed by designers like David Watkins and other individual designers. There will be attempts made to have close looked at the application of galaxy elements in the architectural arts of the jewellery design in both colour and construction fields. The paper will also analyse in detail about the structure rationale in architectural arts of jewellery based on the galaxy subject. Finally conclusions will be drawn.