Assignment First

本篇幫寫論文-喪親之痛講了喪親之痛可以被很好地理解爲一種正常的心理反應,反映在每個人對失去至親至愛的人的反應上。這種特殊的人類心理反應表明,經常被發現進入嚴重抑鬱狀態的有關人的行爲特徵發生了顯著變化。然而,重要的是要考慮到喪失親人的狀態或時間跨度因人而異,這取決於從這種嚴重的精神狀態中產生的精神力量。本篇幫寫論文由澳洲第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

Bereavement can be well perceived as a normal psychological reaction reflected by every individual on the loss of their near and dear ones. This particular human psychological reaction indicates marked changes in the behavioural attributes of the concerned person who is often found to enter into a state of severe depression. However, it is important to consider that the state or time span of bereavement vary one individual to the other depending on the mental strength coming out from that severe state of mind. This given assignment aims to address the learning objectives mentioned and shall intricately explore the phenomena of grief that has been considered as a normal reaction to bereavement. Grief can be considered as an inseparable expression of bereavement that is inevitable for an individual to be encountered following the loss or demise of a loved one.

Two major models namely Dual Process Model of Coping with Grief conceived by Stroebe and Schut, and Worden’s Four tasks of mourning developed by William Worden are identified as the important models effective in explaining the process of grief. This assignment shall emphasize on one of the models centres round Worden’s Four Tasks of Mourning defining grief along with intricately exploring the process of grief (Parkes &Prigerson, 2013).

Worden’s Four Tasks of Mourning

This particular model was formulated by J. William Worden in 2008 who was a professor of psychology at the Harvard Medical School. His conceived model intricately explained the process of grief through the four major tasks that are associated with the process of mourning.

Source: (“Coping with Grief and Loss – Insights in to the Grieving Process”, 2017).

This assignment shall consider intricately exploring the process of grief in light of Worden’s Four Tasks of Mourning.

Worden’s Four Task of Mourning as formulated by William Worden has considered the fact that loss and grieve is inevitable to every individual living on this earth but it is very essential for every person to successfully come out of this severe state of mind accepting the reality and living with the present. William Worden addressing this fact defined four major tasks or activities that are effective for passing the state of mourning.