Assignment First

  本篇幫寫論文-亞馬遜公司講了Alexa是由亞馬遜實驗室設計的個人助理。它是亞馬遜echo的嵌入式設計。這是一個聰明的演講者。該產品是一個設備sis 9.25英寸高的圓柱體與七件麥克風。該設備將其連接到語音控制的個人助理。有一個喚醒詞Alexa,它會迴應。該設備被發現能夠完成多個任務。該公司還控制着許多智能設備。它可以創建一個家庭自動化中心。本篇幫寫論文文章由澳洲第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  This is one of the ways in which the companies try to reduce the capital costs that are involved in the production. Amazon Company has utilized this formula to create the Echo Dot product. These have been elucidated in the following.Alexa is a personal assistant that was designed by Amazon labs. It is an embedded design in Amazon echo. It is a smart speaker. The product is a device that sis 9.25 inches’ tall cylinder with a seven-piece microphone. The device connects it to the voice-controlled personal assistant. There is a wake word Alexa that it responds. The device is found to be capable of doing multiple tasks. The company also controls a number of smart devices. It can create a home automation hub (Teece, 2017).

  Opportunity Identification

  Customers are involved in some of the early idealization stage (Lilien et al., 2002). The company understood that the consumers would like to experiment with a newer technology. The initial stage in which the product was starting to develop was in 2010.The first activity for the company started around Dec. 21 and Dec. 23, 2010. In this the Lab126 employees of Amazon Company applied for five different kinds of patents that all included augmented reality in its title. Augmented reality is the hologram displays that are projected in the real world. The e-commerce companies need to be the obvious leader in this paradigm. It was initially about responding to the people movement. Analysing the situation and determining feasible solution. The company developed a unique market base and a product that responded to the requirement of the people. The target consumers were the people interested in newer technologies to make their tasks easier. This particular piece of electronic was specifically designed to aid the people in meeting their day to day targets. The category of product that has been identified for the product is the underutilized resource that was packaged in a new product design. The people have phone reminders to meet their targets. However, the Alexa design was to enhance each function that a phone does by using voice recognition. There was no real mandate to bring the product. It was a unique untested product with features that emulated the electronic devices. This was the original opportunity identification that was done by the product.