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另一種由於人類影響而產生的汙染是水汙染。無論是各個行業的汙水排放,還是化肥、石油等廢棄物的泄漏,都會對生態系統造成破壞(Mercuri et al, 2014)。根據水項目的報告,世界上大約有10億人無法獲得幹凈和安全的水。這超過了全世界人口的一半。根據世界觀察研究所的報告,美國公司中大約有4.5億公斤的殺蟲劑汙染了美國的大量河流和小溪。這就導致了諸如癌癥和與出生有關的缺陷等疾病。






The evolution of humans has taken place over a very long period of time without causing any major harm to the environment. However, in the present times, human beings are having a severe impact on the environment. Each and every human activity is creating a lot of harm to the environment. The present analysis states that human beings in the present times have been the reason for the imbalance in the environment. In this report, the study of the impact on human beings on the environment will be done. In spite of the fact that earth is known for its regeneration, it is degrading each and every day. The negative impact caused by the humans includes soil pollution, water pollution, air pollution, ozone depletion will be discussed. In addition to this, the ways in which the human beings are impacting the environment will be studied.

Another form of pollution which has been as a result of the human impact is the water pollution. Be if the effluence released from each and every industry or the waste materials of fertilizers and oil spills, it leads to the damage of the ecosystem (Mercuri et al, 2014). According to the report by the water project, there are around one billion people who do not have any access to the clean and safe water in the world. This is more than half of the entire world population. According to the report by the World watch institute, around 450 million kilograms of pesticides which are there in the firms in USA have contaminated a large number of streams and rivers in USA. This has led to the diseases such as cancer and birth related defects.
Air pollution may be defined as the mode of pollution which has been caused because of the burning of fossil fuels and other toxic gases which has caused the pollution. Air pollution is something which infects the environment and leads to the threating of the health of each and every one. According to the report by United Nations, it has been estimated that there are around 3.5 million pre-mature deaths each and every year and 3.3 million deaths out of the same has been caused because of the air.
Global warming and the depletion of Ozone Layer
There has been a significant increase in the levels of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the world. Because of the CFC’s which are used in the process of administration. These aerosols have destroyed the ozone layer which has shielded the earth crust. The depletion of ozone layer is leading to the increase in the temperature of the earth crust from the UV rays.
The present condition of the environment is very critical. Environment is very important for the sustenance of human life. The present trends indicate that if the human beings will continue to degrade the environment, the day come soon when the world will come to an end. Therefore it is very important to look into this matter. In this research paper, the different impact of human beings on the environment has been done. Further, the ways to protect the environment has been done.