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本篇毕业论文代写-纳米药物对脑癌的影响讲了随着癌症的进展,人们发现血脑屏障的组织间液压力也在快速增加。由于这个问题,在大脑中发现的大部分药物被大量移除。我们发现,在脑血脑屏障中,脑组织间液的压力要高得多。这使得药物的渗透性更加困难。因此,在脑癌期间,BBB变得更加难以处理。即使纳米颗粒能够穿过血脑屏障,药物在大脑中的储存和分配也会受到阻碍。有必要寻找新的方法来解决BBB中组织流体压力的问题。本篇毕业论文代写文章由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Hence any nanomedicine that is developed needs to fundamentally handle the astrocyte foot process and the pericytes of the BBB. This has been an impediment while delivering the drug to the brain. These inherent issues need to be addressed while developing nano medicine.

Interstital fluid pressure is the pressure that is found in the BBB inherently to maintain the fluid balance [9]. This pressure balance is based on the dynamic conditions existing in the brain. There are several factors that ensure that there is smooth balance. Starling equation can be applied to understand how interstitial fluid pressure varies in the brain according to the organic conditions impacting the brain. Starling equation has numerous benefits [9]. Starling equation states that fluid movement in the capillary is dependent on the balance of oncotic pressure gradient and hydrostatic pressure gradient [11]. In the case of malignant cancer it is found that there is an uncontrolled activity of the brain [9]. As the cancer progresses it has been found that the interstitial fluid pressure of the BBB is also found to increase at a rapid pace [11]. Owing to this issue there is considerable removal of the bulk of the drugs that is found in the brain. The interstitial fluid pressure in the brain is found to be substantially higher in the BBB. This makes permeability of the drugs even harder. Hence BBB becomes even more difficult to tackle during the times of brain cancer. Retention and distribution of the medicines in the brain are also hindered even if the nanoparticles manage to cross across the BBB [10]. There is a need for novel approaches to address this issue of interstitial fluid pressure in the BBB.

Apart from this even if the nanomedicines manage to cross across the BBB and show effective retention and distribution there is issue of cytotoxicity. This cytotoxicity is found to vary across the different nanoparticles. This has been investigated in detail in the following analysis.