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毫无疑问,作为公司的首席执行官,史蒂夫·乔布斯的表现相当出色。他证明是一个有效的领导者,提高了公司的整体地位和生产力。他认为,持续不断地以适当的方式激励员工肯定会带来很大的好处。他确保在任何时候员工和公司之间都有信息流和适当的沟通。在决策过程中,允许员工提出自己的观点。此外,它还确保在公司运作的过程中,始终以道德的方式对待员工。这就促使工人们更有效地工作,并把公司带到了新的岗位上。苹果在史蒂夫•乔布斯(Steve Jobs)领导下的成功,可以用改变市场环境的能力、决策的创造力和领袖魅力来定义。史蒂夫·乔布斯担任了一个领导者的职位,帮助公司在全球市场上成为一个声誉良好的组织。在使苹果成为创新领导者的重大决策中,乔布斯的创新能力是显而易见的。例如,苹果与微软的合作确保了它的生存,把一个感兴趣的朋友变成了一个可怕的敌人。


According to the Charismatic leadership approach, a leader is able to pull together his followers by dint of personality and charm rather than any kind of external power or authority. The sole focus of the leaders is on examining and scanning the surroundings and are capable of comprehending the moods and concern of the wider audience as well as of the staff(Rodriguez 2006). In order to manage their image, charismatic leaders make use of various methods and they tend to practice attentively at building their abilities id they aren’t naturally charismatic. It is by means of undertaking personal risk based on their beliefs and self-sacrifice that they tend to create trust. They have a very high level of confidence amongst their followers. They make very proper use of the body and the verbal language and are highly influential.
Steve jobs undertook several means to motivate his followers to perform batter and hence could be regarded as a charismatic leader. He used and developed the incentive program which hold a definite purpose and meaning for the staff. As compared to several other methods, associating rewards with productivity and results is likely to be a good motivator. He believed in offering the staff with tasks which were goal oriented. This helped the entire team to undertake a course of action which would assist them in achieving the result with efficiency. Also, he was quite helpful in assisting the staff to accomplish their personal aims.
One could say without doubt that Steve Job’s performance has been quite outstanding as the CEO of the firm. He proved to be an effective leader together with enhancing the overall standing and productivity of the company. He was of the view that employee motivation on a continuous basis and in proper manner could definitely result to be very beneficial. He made sure that there was flow of information and proper communication at all the times amongst the employees and the company. During the process of decision making, the employees were allowed to put forward their views. In addition, it was made sure that at all the times the employees are treated in an ethical manner while the operations of the company are performed. This resulted in acting as an impetus to the workers to perform effectively and took the firm to new position. The success of Apple under the leadership of Steve Jobs could be defined by capability to alter market conditions, creativity in decision making and charismatic leadership. Steve jobs undertook the position of a leader which assisted the firm to turn out to be a reputable organization in the global market. In the major decisions which render Apple to become an innovative leader, the creative abilities of Jobs is quite evident. For example, Apple survival was ensured with association with Microsoft by making an interested friend into a frightening enemy.