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本篇布里斯班论文代写-典型性别角色讲了性别刻板印象角色这一主题在两篇文献中都很明显。自人类诞生以来,性别刻板印象就一直主导着社会,文学作品也随之产生。在文学作品中,角色在扮演性别范畴所要求的重要角色的同时,也在对既定的刻板印象做出反应。有些角色倾向于用假想的表现来坚持和挑战刻板印象。这两篇文献中真实的人物形象不仅体现在声誉和形象上,而且对这样的声誉有一个整体的反应。本篇布里斯班论文代写文章由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

On the other hand, Kite Runner retains a close focus on relationship that the narrator of this story, Amir has. This depicts the clear visibility and significance of gender issues. In the novel, there is an apparent role played by women. As the overall setting is real Afghanistan, the key implication is that women play the most important role as they are wives and mothers (Malik and Ghulam 72). It has been stated by the narrator himself that the significance of women to keep good reputation is well evident in the novel. As a significant example, the mother of Amir had a very good reputation that will be a talk-of-the-town across Afghans even in the future. On the other hand, the mother of Hassan appeared to have a poor reputation. However, in this novel, women had the ability of having roles apart from being a simple housewife (Malik and Ghulam 74). The basic roles in this novel are following the characters beyond Afghanistan while entering California. California turns out to be a place where Amir and his wife are able to work and enjoy freedom. There is more freedom for women in America. However, there is existence of general ideas of gender role across the United States of America partially in the novel. As evident in the novel, the roles of men in the novel appear realistic as to the real scenario and expectation of Afghanistan (Malik and Ghulam 75). There is huge significant of gender roles in the entire novel. A number of characters are facing issues across issues of gender and specific roles significant in Afghanistan. There has been a quite realistic portrayal of the same in the respective novel.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the theme of gender stereotypical roles is well evident in both the literatures. There is production of the literature as gender stereotypes appear to be dominating the society since life began. In the literatures, the characters are reacting upon the bestowed stereotypes over them while playing crucial roles as required under their gender categories. Some of the characters hold the tendency of adhering to and challenging the stereotypes with supposed representation. The actual characters in the two literatures are not just reflected in terms of reputation and image, but there is an overall reaction delivered by the characters for such a reputation.