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代寫報告 :女性投票權的修訂改革

盡管一項新的投票權一經修訂,就有大量的婦女從這項權利中尋求利益,但經過幾十年的時間才完全調整出來(Kevin, 974)。研究發現,隨著時間的推移,女性選民的投票率越來越高,政府也在不斷發展壯大。由於從1869年到1920年,婦女在許多地區享有選舉權的時間較長,因此第一次世界大戰成為關鍵因素的可能性較小(Lott, 1180)。


對於很多個人來說,從投票的角度來看,消費和經濟效益幾乎無法覆蓋投票的成本。據估計,即使是福利和費用的微小變化,據說也會對選民的投票率產生相當大的影響(Kevin, 973)。自過去兩個世紀以來,投票的障礙已連續被降低,用投票稅取代了對財產的要求,允許黑人男性和所有女性投票,而且從最近開始,掃盲考試和投票稅被宣布為非法。

在潛在的情況下,可能需要數年的時間才能完全發揮表決權改革的作用,因為將會有一些群體替代使用投票權之外的利益(Lott, 1165)。像社會生物學這樣的學科強調不同性別成功發展不同行為模式的原因,以使成功遺傳基因的機會最大化。

在1920年通過的與憲法有關的第19條修正案之前,婦女在29個不同的州獲得了投票權,其他7個州批準了修正案,12個州實施了婦女投票權制度(Miller, 1287)。在審查了男子和婦女的政治差異後,強調了下列聲明:

“盡管許多媒體報道仍然表明,性別差異在‘女性問題’上最大,但事實上,今天的鴻溝往往是在涉及社會福利國家存在和擴張的問題上”(Stark, 1996;pp.72)

由於在過去的幾個世紀裏,投票權有了很大的擴展,因此政治權力也發生了相應的轉變(Rehavi, 1200)。問責這些和其他的變化可以被認為是重要的將選民,這樣的變化沒有錯誤的歸因時投票參與婦女選舉權的利率可能會發生重大改變的相同的一段時間。

代寫報告 :女性投票權的修訂改革

Even though a large population of women have been seeking benefits out of the new right of voting as soon as it had been amended, it took a number of decades for turning out with complete adjustment (Kevin, 974). It has been found that government has been growing continuously as women voter ended up turning out extremely with the passage of time. Since there had been a granting of suffrage to women across a number of areas with the longer duration of time in extension from the year 1869 to the year 1920, there are less chances that the 1st world war had been the key (Lott, 1180).
The adoption of secret ballots prevented a number of illiterate citizens from the right of voting, as skills of reading was a major requirement of voting. Currently, there was a simple involvement to take a colored card that represented the preference of one party within the booth of voting. The major impact of women suffrage was on taxation and spending.
For many individuals, the consumption and economic benefits from the perspective of voting barely covered the cost to place votes. As per the estimates, even minor changes in the benefits and costs are said to be having sizeable effects on the turnout of voter (Kevin, 973). Since the last two centuries, the barriers of placing votes have been lowered down in a successive manner, replacing the requirements of property with taxes of poll, allowing the black men and all women for voting, and since recently, outlawing the literacy tests and poll taxes.
In context of potentiality, it can take a number of years prior to the complete effect of voting reform under manifestation, as there will be a replacement of some cohorts for availing benefits out of the voting right (Lott, 1165). Disciplines like socio- biology emphasizes on the reasons as per which different genders are successful in the development of different patterns of behavior in consistency with the maximized chance for being successful to pass on the genes.
Women were given the right of voting in 29 different states prior to the nineteenth amendment related to the Constitution as approved in the year 1920, with seven of the others giving the approval of amendment and twelve imposing the regime of women’s suffrage (Miller, 1287). When the political differences of men and women had been examined, the following statement had been highlighted:
“Although many media accounts still suggest that the gender gap is greatest on ‘women’s issues,’ in fact the gulf today tends to be on issues involving the existence and expansion of the social-welfare state” (Stark, 1996; pp.72)
As there has been a major expansion in the rights of voting since the past few centuries, there lies a corresponding shift in the power of politics (Rehavi, 1200). The accountability of these and other changes can be considered significant in turning out the voter, so that there is no false attribution of change in the rates of voting participation to women suffrage when there might have been an occurrence of significant changes across the same period of time.