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社会科学和人文学科可以被视为研究人类在政治、经济、环境、文化和社会背景下的互动和行为(ACARA 2015)。








《世界环境与可持续发展观点》(ACARA 2015)。





The social sciences and the humanities can be considered as the study of human interaction and behavior in the political, economic, environmental, cultural, and social context (ACARA 2015).
From the fourth year, HASS(Humanities and social science)education is focused on environment, and despite the significance of events, students can understand and explore why the environment is so important for vegetation, animals and people. The focus of the content is the comprehension of sustainability, which the environment’s ongoing capacity in sustaining human’s well-being and human life (Australian curriculum 2015). The environment problems are closely related to our daily life. This is the reason why this topic is chosen.
The importance of environment that includes people, animals, and vegetation (ACHASSK088) Year Level: 4
This review is penetrating 7 resources to provide the support to the teacher and students to expound interconnections among the environment components between the environment and the people (Australian curriculum). There are 3 knowledge backgrounds. What is ecosystem and why environment is so important to natural vegetation, natural ecosystem animals and people. How the interconnection components are applied between environment and people? The Human Impact on the Natural Environment is composed of Past, Present, and Future. 3 lesson ideas are: First, use Youtube website video to explicate human impact on the environment. Make a small ecosystem in classroom and observe with the students. Then, research skills are imparted to the students to study by themselves. The last one is about collaborative learning of the methodology, where the students should be divided to 4 to5 groups to discuss and share their research and knowledge so that teacher can get the feedback about the topic.
Detailed discussion of the resources
Knowledge and Background
Why environment is so important (for Students which is explanation in the simplest way)?
As human the environment and the earth is our home. The ecosystem in which we live provides natural services to the humans and all other species that are essential to our health, quality of life and survival.
The views of the world about environment and sustainability (ACARA 2015).
The book Primary succession and ecosystem rehabilitation (by Walker, Lawrence R., del Moral, Roger) provides a wide range of comprehensive knowledge and interconnection communication that develop between plant, animal and human activities. This also provides students and researchers with a luxuriant comprehensive synthesis of models, knowledge and mechanism which are needed by the process of the primary HASS study and must be taught.
With the book, students can choose the perspective of environment as to how it affects the plant, animal and people’s life as their topic to research more information and knowledge to support their HASS lesson and expand their scope of knowledge.
Teacher can also gain the information about vegetation, animals and human activities, and developing the teaching content based on three aspects. First, sharing excitement related to some of the wild places in this planet. Second, study of the natural and human behaviours and how it affects the ecosystem and how to involve the ecosystem rehabilitation.