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代写-Case study of sustainable development。长期以来,可持续发展一直是一个问题,也是大多数企业的目标,但在可持续性的可测量性方面一直存在问题。必须有某种形式来衡量可持续性,否则就不容易了解各组织可持续性的程度。在此背景下,Elkington的三重底线框架成为可持续发展的可靠衡量标准。这是一个会计框架,这个框架帮助我们考虑超越经济行为的因素。最具体地说,它利用了社会和环境方面的因素。由于营利性和非营利性组织都采用TBL来显示他们对可持续发展的贡献或较少的影响,本文的目的是将TBL应用于高露洁品牌,并评估他们的表现,并提出相应的建议。

“高露洁的内部商业诚信延伸到我们产品的诚信——它们的安全性、有效性、质量和可持续性。我们致力于寻找方法来提高我们产品组合的可持续性。我们还致力于为消费者提供满足他们需求和期望的产品,并不断努力开发对地球影响更小的产品”(高露洁-棕榄,2014)。这是公司给予的承诺。可以为公司解决的一些经济问题是以生产过程外包的形式出现的。现在在高露洁的研究中,我们可以看到采购过程确实是高效的。就经济影响而言,高露洁的影响有两方面。在不利的方面,棕榈油的竞争性采购导致了可能充分利用种植园的情况的影响。然而,高露洁的可持续发展报告表明,它是合理的采购。从经济角度看,高露洁也有积极的贡献。它确保在采购领域,它将遵循道德和可持续的劳动标准,从而增加与之工作的人的经济地位。从经济角度来看,公司为国家产生的税收也被认为是采购国家的一个积极点(Ethical Consumer, 2016)。然而,这些只是隐含的外部效应。


代写-Case study of sustainable development。While sustainability has been negotiated as an issue for a long time now and has been the goal for most businesses, there have been issues on the measurability of sustainability. It became necessary to have some form for the measure of sustainability, as otherwise it was not easy to understand the extent to which organizations were sustainable. Elkington’s Triple Bottom line framework in this context becomes a reliable measure for sustainability. This is an accounting framework and the framework helped consider beyond economic actions. Most specifically, it made use of social and environmental dimensions. With both for profit and nonprofit sectos adopting TBL to show their contributions or less impact on sustainability, it is the intent of this essay to apply the TBL to the brand Colgate and evaluate their performance and make recommendations accordingly.
“Colgate’s internal business integrity extends to the integrity of our products – their safety, efficacy, quality and sustainability. We are committed to finding ways to improve the sustainability profile of our product portfolio. We’re also committed to bringing products to consumers that meet their needs and expectations, and are continuously working to develop products that have a reduced impact on the planet” (Colgate-Palmolive, 2014). It is the commitment given by the company. Some of the economic questions that can be addressed for the company are in the form of sourcing to the production process. Now as presented in the research on Colgate, it can be seen that the sourcing process is indeed efficient. In terms of economic impact, the impact of Colgate is two ways. At the negative end, the competitive sourcing of palm oil leads to the situation impact where plantations might be used to their fullest. However, Colgate from its sustainability reports indicates that it is reasonable in terms of sourcing. In the economic angle, Colgate is also seen to contribute positively. It ensures that in the areas of sourcing, it will follow ethical and sustainable labor standards thus adding to the economic status of people working with it. In the economic standpoint, the taxation generated by the company for the country is also seen to be a positive point for the country of sourcing (Ethical Consumer, 2016). These are however implied externalities only.
While the product is indeed filling human needs, it can also be said that the product would still compromise the economic status of countries, as newer palm oil plantations have to be sought. Toothpaste is a very basic consumer commodity and it is hence obvious that the demand for the product would never end.

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