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本篇代写-产品生命周期分析原理讲了为了测量环境因素和产品的潜在影响,LCA是一种有效的方法。在产品的整个生命周期中,包括原材料的获取及其生产、使用和处置,LCA研究环境影响(Filimonau, 2015)。一般来说,作为一个环境影响,它考虑到人类的健康,生态结果和资源使用。本篇代写文章由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

1. Principle of Life-cycle Analysis (LCA)

In order to measure the environmental aspects and products’ potential impacts, LCA is an effective technique. Throughout a product’s life cycle including the acquisition of raw material and its production, use, and disposal, LCA studies the environmental impact (Filimonau, 2015). Generally, as an environmental impact, it considers the health of humans, ecological results and resource use. Its principles prescribes that each material and component should be followed back to the natural resources brought from the environment such as raw material and energy, and the release of the energy to the environment in terms of emissions to soils, water, and air (Board on Agriculture, National Research Council, 1997). It is known as ‘elementary flows’ such as CO2 emissions. In the case of non-elementary flow such as diesel oil, LCA requires to include the production processes contributing to this product and its end of life until all elementary flows caused by its production are accounted for (Board on Agriculture, National Research Council, 1997).

The main features of LCA are as follow:

Based on the goal and scope, there can be different in the time frame and details related to an LCA study.

Methodologies, assumptions, details of quality of data and output related to LCA studies must be transparent (International Standard, 1997).

There should be a systematic and adequate consideration of different aspects related to the environment.

Development of appropriate provisions.

The principle of LCA can be applied to WGL as the production of its product as sky-blue nappy releases energy to the environment. For example, as per the scenario, a chemical process is used for the production of nappies, which produces ‘dioxins (a highly toxic and persistent organic chemical) as a waste product’. Thus, by following the LCA, the company can analyze the environmental impacts during the each phase of Nappy’s production process.