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  本篇代寫essay-年齡歧視講了從個人層面來看年齡歧視,它總是被認爲是年齡刻板印象增加了自我保護功能(史蒂文斯醫院,1994)。這是進一步概念化的形式的恐怖管理理論。社會認同理論解釋了羣體認同與個人認同之間的關係。本篇代寫essay文章由澳洲第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  Viewing the ageism from an individual level, it is always regarded as age stereotyping adding to ego protective function (Stevens Hospital, 1994). This is further conceptualized in the form of terror management theory. The social identity theory explains the relationship existing between the group identity and personal identity. Aged individuals are of one specific group. Coming to the interpersonal theories in this subject, the theories highlight that ageism is on rise due to overgeneralization and negative halo effects. As a result, the social affordance is redefined (Mathews, 2015). From socio evolutionary perspective, people are found to evolve and classify into interdependent and effective groups in order to maximize the overall success. The returns given by group influence the cognitive perceptions of others. The entire concept of ageism in nursing and healthcare segments is only viewed as an intergenerational tension.

  Impact of registered nurse’s ageist behavior on

  Older patient in their care

  The behavior of registered nurse towards older patient in the healthcare is directly influenced by the attitudes encouraged by the environment. Those with constructive attitudes have passive listening and establish closer bonds with the senior citizens. However, these attitudes are only seen in geriatric and surgical departments in US. In countries like Jordan and Australia, registered nurses operating in medical surgical wards have better awareness on treatment of elderly patients (Adelman et al, 2000). The problem is with other countries like Ireland and Sweden where negative attitudes are on rise and acute care patients do not receive the necessary degree of care.

  It is noticed that there are environment factors that tend to affect the attitudes of nurses. These include (Welford, 2014):

  - field of employment

  - level of exposure to the elderly persons

  - department of employment of the staff

  Many registered nurses have not offered individualized assessment of patient’s risks. Health care disparities that are associated with age are also the reasons for physician bias in the environment.