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本篇代写essay-卫生保健设施对全球活动的重要性讲了在举办任何大型活动时,对某些服务的需求是非常高的,其中一项服务就是医疗服务。在举办大型活动的地区建立更多的医疗保健服务和设施是一个至关重要的要求。这一要求对于最大限度地为需要任何紧急医疗援助的来访者提供服务是至关重要的。本篇代写essay文章由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Importance of Healthcare Facilities for Global Events and Two Examples with Description

In the conduct of any mega- event, the level of demand for certain services is extremely high and one such service is that of healthcare. There is a crucial requirement for establishing more services and facilities of healthcare across the area hosting a mega- event. This requirement is crucial for serving the visitors in maximum number who are in need of any kind of emergency medical assistance.

As a significant example, significant improvements were made in the healthcare services provided by South Africa for conducting the event of FIFA World Cup. Several plans were leveraged for the improvement of services in providing health care. FIFA World Cup 2010 is still well- known for the effective, strong emergency response and medical service with effective preparedness in management (Jago et al. 2010). Such a strong establishment of health care services helped to achieve the goal in assurance of safety through the event. There were plans on medical service for the event that also included presidential inaugurations. Five key legacies of health were promoted by the healthcare services of FIFA World Cup. The first legacy was of transferring international and national knowledge. The second legacy was improvement in communication and cooperation throughout the plan and the event. The third legacy was improvement in inter- sectorial work, ensuring communication and coordination among departments, organizations and external actors. The fourth legacy was potential in the increment of expertise and training across human resource (Knott et al. 2015). And finally, the fifth legacy was improvement in processes and increment of resources.

An additional example to be considered in this discussion is that of Olympic Games 2016, held in Rio, Brazil. Specifically for the purpose of this event, there was production of operational plan that was inclusive of preparedness for health surveillance and health. Preparedness across the health sector was taken seriously, and planning was set on the basis of the prevailing structure under health system (Misener et al. 2015). This preparedness ensured to improve the quality and capacity of key services and for this event, proposals were made for improving the accessibility of services, establishment of new Units of Emergency Care, and activation of hospital beds that were originally deactivated. All of these efforts were put in for the purpose of increasing and enhancing the currently installed capacity.